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Core Race Lore - Humans: Highlanders


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LotC Core Race Lore - Humans



Core Race Lore - Humans: Highlanders


The Highlanders are a human cultural group, made up of pioneers, yeomen, and all those who choose to live in the rougher corners of the world. Generally of a smaller and more spread population than the city dwelling Heartlanders, they lead rougher lives in the wilderness and on warpaths. The variation in their culture is great, made up of a great many nations & groups who maintain a solid nucleus of population separate from the population centers of the Heartlanders. Good examples of Highlander cultures are found in the people of Hanseti, Haense, Ruska, and Norland.


Skin Coloration

Pale skin is common amongst the Highlanders, but so are darker complexions & tans. Many laborers are part of this group, and many are olive-skinned or otherwise darker from sun exposure. Additionally, even those who are pale generally do not show the pink health of the Heartlanders.


Hair Coloration
Beyond that, traits vary wildly depending on the specific culture and people group being addressed. However, a general range can be found. Hair color ranges from black, brown, auburn, blonde, & ginger.

Eye Coloration

Eye color also ranges greatly, with blue, grey, hazel, amber, brown, & many shades of green found across the Highlander populace.



The usual Highlander height range is 4'8"- 6'4" ft. This is larger than the general Heartlander range, given the larger body types & heights found amongst the Highlanders.



Like all of Horen’s descendants, the Highlanders can live a maximum of 150 years. Similar to Heartlanders, however, there is a general pattern & lifespan the usual Highlander will live. This is 60-90 years, approximately the same as Heartlanders. This is, however, for different reasons. Unlike the luxurious & squalor of Heartlander life, Highlanders tend to lead rough lives. These rougher lives, usually full of labor and work to survive on the outer edges of civilization, mean that the average Highlander will grow old and die anywhere within the given range of 60 to 90 years.

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