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Core Race Lore - Humans: Farfolk


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LotC Core Race Lore - Humans




Core Race Lore - Humans: Farfolk


Horen’s descendants have spread far and wide, developing many of their own societies and customs. The denominations of Heartlander & Highlander are but a small, centralized fragment of Horen’s children. They are the Farfolk, a broad term for many different cultures & peoples who have diversified greatly from the original ilk of Horen. These Farfolk often have outlying nations or settlements of their own, distant locations only spoken of or written about. Yet, many find their way to the bulk of the Descendant population, their Highlander & Heartlander cousins. Good examples of Farfolk cultures include the Oyashimans, the Qalasheen, the Karamanoğullari, and many, many others. The term Farfolk is a label used by the Heartlanders & Highlanders, to describe any and all foreign human cultures. As such, the scope of the Farfolk is vast.



To come to a conclusion about common colors for the Farfolk is difficult. They are as varied and unique as any group of people could be. However, dark skin tones are prevalent among most of the Farfolk cultures, as well as other darker features such as dull hair color and amber or brown eyes. Given the broad scope of the term, however, little else can be said about them as a group.



Given the vastness of the Farfolk, their heights vary depending on culture. As such, the usual range for Farfolk is the entire range of humanity, that being 4'8"- 6'4" ft. Each specific culture should be considered for the most common height & features.



Farfolk, like all of humankind, can live a maximum of 150 years. They can show their age gradually, or age more suddenly & sharply, like the rest of humanity. For all intents and purposes, this follows the trend of general ‘humanity,’ outlined on the general human document. However, the Farfolk tend to age more gently and gracefully than their pale cousins the Heartlanders & Highlanders. They also tend to live longer, with a general range of 70-100 years of life.

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