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Core Race Lore - Dwarves: Cave Dwarves


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LotC Core Race Lore - Dwarves



Core Race Lore - Dwarves: Cave Dwarves


Cave Dwarves, Cavern Dwarves, or Umgorum Dwedmar in the dwarven language, are a subtype of dwarfs whose blood roots all the way from Urguan himself. Their prowess in mining and mineral research is legendary and well known, often proven by their cities, which are carved from the bellows of the mountain. Many of these dwed are in the high positions of the Kingdom or in the depths of their grand mine, as they are not usually the ones going on adventures outside of the deep stone homes and mines they inhabit. Compared to the other dwarves, the Cave Dwarves maintain a darker and desaturated coloration. Hair and skin color follow this trend, with eye color being the only exception to the darker tones. Given their dark coloration, they also tend to decorate themselves with rare gems and chunks of gold and silver in their beard and hair, proving their wealth and reputation.


Skin Coloration

The skin color of Caves Dwarves is always a darker coloration. However, unlike the Dark Elves, this is not a vibrant or deep color. It could almost be described as pale or desaturated. Dark and light grey are the most common skin colors, with some minor variation. These colors rarely have any tint of saturation in them, however, unlike the Dark Elves who commonly have a hint of purple.


Hair Coloration

The most common hair color among the Cave Dwarves is black. Black is the most common, almost universal. Less common but still frequent is the color brown. Additionally, red haired Cave Dwarves are possible, but this denotes mixed ancestry with the other subraces of the dwedmar.


Eye Coloration

The most clearly vibrant and colorful part of the Cave Dwarves is their eyes. A flash of color and distinctness around a mostly dark visage. The most common eye colors include brown, vibrant orange, or dark blue. However, other colors are certainly possible.



The Cave Dwarf height range is 3'5" - 4'6" ft. The Cave Dwarves are stocky and short, even amongst the other dwedmar. As such, the average range of height for the Cave Dwarves is on a shorter spectrum. This range encompasses most all Cave Dwarves, with a few exceptions. To be above this range is unusual and freakishly tall, the same as being below this range is unusual for the Cave Dwarves. A Cave Dwarf above this range would struggle to present a muscular body build, as the physiology of a Cave Dwarf is unusual and stretched when above the 4’5” height cap.

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