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Core Race Lore - Dwarves: Dark Dwarves


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LotC Core Race Lore - Dwarves




Core Race Lore - Dwarves: Dark Dwarves


The youngest of the Dwarven subraces, Dark Dwarves were said to be originally born from the unlikely union of dark elves and the various dwarven subraces. The validity of this claim is unknown, as modern hybrids of dwarves and Dark Elves do not feature the traits of the Dark Dwarves. However, it will likely remain in the realm of mythos. They have a dark skin coloration, similar to that of the Cave Dwarves. However, this is offset by otherwise glowing and vibrant eyes. To fit with their supposed elven ancestry, the Dark Dwarves often pursue the arcane, the mysterious, and the alchemical. This is far from universal, but the Dark Dwarves are certainly the most baseline mystical out of the dwedmar subraces.


Skin Coloration

All Dark Dwarves have skin color ranging from ashen grey to almost obsydian-black. This is said, again, to be traceable back to their supposed Dark Elf ancestry. This skin coloration is similar to that of the Cave Dwarves, with two noticeable differences. First, the Dark Dwarves are capable of even darker colors than the Cave Dwarves, with near pitch black skin possible. Second, the Dark Dwarves are capable of having tinges of coloration to their skin, similar to the Dark Elves but dissimilar to the Cave Dwarves.


Hair Coloration

The hair colors of the Dark Dwarves vary greatly. Many have simple darker colored hair, such as black or brown. However, more vibrant colors are both possible and common. Such colors include white, red, and even pale blonde.


Eye Coloration

The eyes of the Dark Dwarves are both unique and distinct. They all have fiery eyes ranging from the shades of bright flames to as dark as cooling magma. These eyes glow effortlessly and normally for the Dark Dwarves, from birth to death. Though their eyes radiate a slight glow, nothing else is special about them and they lose their glow as soon as the dwarf dies. The exact span of colors is undefined, but the majority are fiery and magma colored. Others are cooler and dark like obsidian.



The Dark Dwarf height range is 4’0" - 5'0" ft. The Dark Dwarves are among the tallest of the Dwarven subraces. As such, the average range of height for the Cave Dwarves is on a taller spectrum. This range encompasses most all Dark Dwarves, with a few exceptions. To be above this range is virtually impossible given that it’s the upper cap of Dwarven height. Additionally, being below the 4’0” height minimum would be very unusual and strangely built for a Dark Dwarf.

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