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Core Race Lore - Elves: High Elves


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LotC Core Race Lore - Elves




Core Race Lore - Elves: High Elves


The High Elves, known as the Mali’aheral within the Elven language, are a subrace of elves. They dwell within their silver citadel, the white capital known as Haelun’or. The majority of them call themselves the mali'aheral, or blessed elf in ancient elven, who believe their heritage makes them the 'highest' of the races. This name later evolved into 'High Elves' in common speech. Many believe the 'High' stands for their proud and obnoxious treatment of all others. The culture of the High Elves is based upon racial purity above all else as they despise interbreeding with other subraces. 'Pure' mali'aheral, or those who are 100% of high elven blood, are referred to as Mali'thill to further distinguish between high elves who are pure and those who are not.


Skin Coloration

The ‘aheral have almost universally white skin. This coloration of course varies, between porcelain white to more moderate pinks. However, to have a darker skin tone than any of these denotes mixed heritage.


Hair Coloration

Their hair ranges from bright metallic platinums and silvers to coloration similar to that of gold or blonde, and rarely reds or oranges. Light browns and darker blondes are possible, but are a sign of mixed heritage.


Eye Coloration

Eye color varies, with the Mali‘aheral generally having very deep and colorful eyes. Blues and greens are the most common, though violet, greys and gold are not unheard of.



The High Elf height range is 5'0" - 6'6" ft. The ‘aheral are the tallest subrace of all the elves, the majority of which being over six feet in height. There are those below, but it is unlikely for a High Elf to be more than one or two inches below the six foot mark in height.



The High Elves vary in weight, like anyone else. However, given that the ‘aheral are the tallest of the subraces, a general healthy weight range can be gauged. The average healthy and fit Mali’aheral at the higher end of the height range would almost definitely be near 230lbs, with the upper end being near 260lbs.

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