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The Utility of Humility (Thesis, Hernando Altamirano)

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The utility of Humility

            Peace and long life be with you my brothers and sisters. This great gift of life GOD has bestowed on us, through his infinite love. Through his infinite love GOD has given us all a holy mission, a purpose in life of which it is our solum duty to carry out. Throughout our life, GOD will test us, we will face trails, tribulations. It will be our task to overcome those obstacles. Throughout this life, every time someone gets full of themselves, GOD creates a challenge of which is greater than the last, challenging the resolve of a man who lacks humility. Throughout our life it is vital that ones remain humble through all trails and tribulations, the utility of humility is one of the greatest assets to anyone.


           Our holy mission given to us by GOD, is ours to take, and ours alone. By bragging to others and lacking humility, we laugh in the face of GOD, asking him to give us more challenges, give us more hardship. By maintaining humili­ty, we show respect to GOD and his plan, and those reap what they sow, if you sew humility, you will receive a calmer life. As the Canticle of Humility in the Scroll of virtue states, “So I am the most high in pursuit of my own virtue, I bid my faithful this: You shall not judge you own virtue, be it great or small, for all fall short of Me” if one is not humble, they will think themselves higher than their fellow peers, and higher than GOD, none is higher than the most high GOD. Thus, being humble is one of the greatest ways to live life, showing thanks to GOD for the life of which he gave you.


        GOD the highest GOD our creator and savior, created us through his eternal love. It is our duty to give thanks to GOD who gave us life, a mission. We have only one life, one death, we must live it to our fullest, not get full of ourselves. As the Scroll of virtue states, “I am the lord GOD without peer. I created the earth, the seas, and the heavens. And I breathed life into the beasts of earth and the men who rule them. And as I am eternal, you are transient and there is no eternity without me”. GOD created us, and GOD holds the power of most high. It belongs to no mortal, not me, not you not anyone. To lack humility, is an attempt to place yourself above GOD. All those who play GOD always end a horrible end. So let us be humble as it is one of the key actions on the path to virtue.


       So in conclusion my Brothers and Sisters, humility remains one of the highest assets in ones life. To fulfill our holy mission, we must ensure that we remain humble in our endeavors,­­­­­ and our triumphs, for it is one step of many on the path to virtue.










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Prelate Alfred would gesture to the acolyte to put a stamp on the thesis, before taking his medicine for headache.

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