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Coronation of Antonio De Rivera

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Alexander sits at his uncles old desk, looking over the missive Ezekiel delivered. As he holds it back up he sighs, relaxing his posture in dissapointment. "It appears we weren't important enough to be invited."


Ames, sitting in a chair across the desk, takes the letter offered before unfolding it and reading. "There will be others." His tone was both dismissive and reassuring.


Alexander nods, rising from his seat. "Well, I've work to do." He heads for the door, dismissing the forgetting of the Rhein

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Carlos  Mendez looks upon the old Missive with mixed feelings, sitting in his new Clinic located in Cartagena. Anger and sadness flush over him,  he'd grumble at the sight of the missive, leaning back in his chair and looking over it.


 "I wonder what'll happen to Antonio, seems he's lost his respect for peaceful men like us, all I wish is to live in peace, is that not too much to ask?"


He asks to a fellow Hyspian Medic that was standing by his side, with a sigh he'd stand and walk over to a fireplace, throwing it into the burning fire as he watches it slowly burn into ashes. Soon stepping back and returning to the book he was reading.



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On 2/22/2021 at 12:40 PM, neoroseo said:

Athri Onfroi Belrose read over the missive, sat in her home in front of a table, that was covered in various fabrics and other items. "...Holy war when?  There always seems to be talk of one happening again... they need to hurry it up. Only a matter of time, I'm sure they know that." She chuckled to herself, walking over to her fireplace and tossing the paper in, watching the edges crisp and darken before returning to work.

Vera Ambrose watches as the paper starts to burn in the fire. She pets her bunny on the head, which is only a stuff animal, but she treats it as if it were alive. “Nobody haves the balls, Auntie Atee. Theys just sittin arounds and beings crabby. My mama was around for that, too.” She then goes inside the house.

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