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陈家 Chen Family 'Auditions' 陈家

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The Chens are quite notably a Elven family of Li-Ren descent. 

There are multiple branches to the family, though, it is mainly a family of art and theatrics. Traditional dance, calligraphy, tea ceremonies and such. Coming from Ai-Zhu, they'd be found in the bigger cities but also within farm homes. With this in mind, some roles for the family are open and if someone is interested, they can contact us via msging tadabug2000 or at beautifulwatty#6584. More roles will open up over time but we really aren’t ready to try and bring in the parents, sounds like chaos.

Disclaimer: The making of skins can be assisted with, alongside persona art. Ages, names and such are subject to change and we can discuss this for whatever makes it easier. The current references are made by other artists and not us but if the persona begins to be played, personal art will be made for them.




Chen (Han) Xia, Female, 12 years old (Elf)

A cousin from the farmlands of Ai-Zhu, sent to the main branch as a way of expanding their horizons and giving her better opportunities and a better upper class life, whilst her older brother stayed to help his parents with the farm. 


“Mu Tsin, Mu Tsin! Gogo pushed me in the mud again..”

Home / Twitter

Chen (Han) Mengyou, Male, 17 years old (Elf)

He has been told he is being sent to assist his cousin in her acclimatization, that he would have better opportunities and the ability to further his studies and talents in the big city. But really, it's because his mother is hiding the fact that he's starting to resemble his Fathers Brother a bit too much, due to an affair had 17 years ago.


“Get out of my room, I’m painting, Didi!”


Chen Jinxiang [Male] or Chen Xifeng [Female], 22 years old (Elf and Dwarf)

The adopted cousin from Wencheng’s side of the family. As the only adopted child of two fathers, they had a rather sheltered life. And in order to break out from the ridiculous helicopter parenting and fussing of their two fathers, they went to go life with their cousins and claim their own independence. 


“I’ll become the greatest person to ever come out of Ai-Zhu!”



Han Jianjun, Male, 872 years old, [Elf]

This old Elf has begun to go insane in his old age and much akin to hot potato, he goes from branch to branch of the family, where each takes turns caring for the man. Certainly a force to be reckoned with!


“Back in my day, we fought in the trees..”



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