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Edict of Sunholdt

John Ivory

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3rd of Sigismund's End, 1808


An edict clarifying the status of unlanded peerages.


To Our Beloved Subjects,


History teaches the kindly student that an excess in the Imperial peerage of unlanded nobles, i.e. those peerages that are not tied to a territorial designation, whenever present, lends itself to lethargy, jealousy, discontent, confusion, dissension, and ultimately discord. This unlanded class at one time allied itself with the machinations of Petrus against the greater whole of the Canonist church; it was this class that thronged the streets of Felsen after King Olivier's victory over the Dukes in that civil war, and was certainly among the chief causes of the collapse of that Kingdom; and after the Horen Restoration this class lent itself towards numerous rebellions, causing a break within the body politic that would end only with the destruction of Johannesburg.


It therefore becomes Us to ensure that the Imperial peerage, or certain ranks of it, is tied to a designated body of land. The wisdom of this shews itself to any Reason which is applied to it. and is chiefly an object of Common Sense. Being tied to some hereditary seat grounds the nobility to some particular spot, so that it is unlike the vagrants or vagabonds or wanderers that are fair weather friends to their Fatherland. The propertied class hold the grave responsibility of providing for Our Commonwealth's agriculture and industry, via what resources are available to them. Taxation and excise, as levied by Acts of the Diet and collected for use by the Imperial Treasury, are the chief sources of money to be used for national expenditure.


Reform is in order therefore that those especial cases of merit, whether by family legacy or by individual desert, but who are unpropertied, shall be uniquely designated in the Imperial peerage as Barons of the Empire, who shall be of equal rank to barons with territorial designation, but who shall not be raised to any rank above baron. 


Delivered at Augustine.

3rd of Sigismund's End, 1808



ARTICLE I. On unlanded peerages


That peerages be required, by law, to be tied to territorial designations, i.e land, regions, areas or property, with respect to their nomenclature, that exist on the continent of Almaris. 


ARTICLE II. On exceptions to Article I


That there be two exceptions to Article I.


That the first exception be with respect to those non-hereditary peerages held by members of the Imperial family with the style of Imperial Highness, which may be tied to territorial designations on the continent of Almaris or those of former lands now defunct, i.e the Duchy of Helena.


That the second exception be with respect to ‘unlanded’ peers (henceforth categorized as Barons of the Empire), who shall be limited to the rank of baron and no higher, and shall have, in place of a territorial designation, the surname of the individual for whom the letters were originally issued.


ARTICLE III. On Barons of the Empire 


That Barons of the Empire, who employ surname designations, be of equal rank to barons with a territorial designation. 


That Barons of the Empire may acquire an estate or land at a time subsequent to the issue of their letters and thus become landed, but are disbarred from adopting any territorial designation and must continue to employ their surname designation, unless additional letters are issued for the acquired estate or land. 


ARTICLE IV. On abeyance


That any peerages that are not compliant with the aforementioned articles, in respect to their original letters, go immediately into abeyance upon the promulgation of this document, and that this apply retroactively.




Joseph II, by the grace of GOD Holy Orenian Emperor, forever August, King of Renatus, Curon, Kaedrin, Salvus, and Seventis, Defender of the Faith, Grand Duke of Ves, Duke of Adria, Novellen and Lorraine, Baron of Renzfeld, Protector of the Heartlanders, Highlanders, and Farfolk, etcetera.



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