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Grant of Arms 1808: HIH, Prince Philip Aurelian of Crestfall

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TO ALL AND SINGULAR to whom this notice shall come;

TIBERIUS JOHN HARTCOLD, Imperial King of Arms for the Imperial Crownlands and Kaedrin, who presides over the Imperial College of Arms therein, duly presents his post in greetings.


WHEREAS it has been represented to the Imperial College of Arms in Kaedrin that His Imperial Highness, Princes Philip Aurelian of Crestfall has, upon desiring to be wed to Amadea Ulyssa de Sarkozy, been granted a majority in the eyes of the College of Arms and therein ability to bear arms distinct from his predecessors; and, whereupon the date this grant was reviewed, no proper sigils, seals, or coats of arms have been recorded into the Crown’s catalogues as used personally by His Imperial Highness, Prince Philip Aurelian of Crestfall, and being unwilling to use such armorials without proper authority;


By the Warrant of the Imperial Household’s seal bearing the year 1808 directing us to so grant and assign such armorial ensigns accordingly, Know All therefore that I, the Imperial King of Arms, by virtue of the powers invested by the Crown do by these present, Grant and Assign unto the aforementioned His Imperial Highness, Prince Philip Aurelian of Crestfall his arms, being those quartered of both of his grandfather and grandmother, being differenced with a label of five points argent each charged with three ermine sable, showing that he is the first born son of the second born son, as following Quarterly, first and fourth sable, on a cross potent or a eye gules, second and third gules an eagle argent crowned, armed and beaked or, the wings charged with trefoils or. Overall a label of five points argent each charged with three ermine sable. to be more plainly depicted below and to be borne and used for ever hereafter by him the aforementioned His Imperial Highness, Prince Philip Aurelian of Crestfall.


In Witness whereof We the Imperial College of Arms have to this presently subscribed our names and affixed the titles of our offices on this day 12th of Sigismund's End, 1808 in the name of Our Empire.


Imperial King of Arms for the Imperial Crownlands and Kaedrin,

Tiberius John Hartcold

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