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A song of dwarven Youth

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Ajax Frostbeard, strangely enough, is posting a song written by his son alone. The song posted upon the tavern door and to the remembrancers, a small note is attached before the song of every copy simply stating "Bojakk of late isn't feeling well... Something about girl troubles.. I figured it'd be nice to publish one of his songs while he sulks... Enjoy -AJax"


Fight for your right [Dwarf Version]


[Original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYoN9OraOWM&ab_channel=BeastieBoys-Topic ]
[Lyrics: Bojakk Frostbeard]
[Author note:Not really meaning to harp on anyone, this is more just light hearted fun, no offense to miss Brynaelda or officer grudgebeard]





You wake up late for work, jeez, you don't wanna go
You ask your dad 'Please?' but he still says "No!"
You missed half the vein and 2 hours of work
But your foreman leads the line like you're some kinda jerk


You Gotta Fight!
For your Right!
To Party!


Clan-dad caught you drinking and he says "No Way!"
That hypocrite downs 12 beers a day!
Living at home is such a drag

Now Grudgebeard threw away your best nudie mag [damn it..]


You Gotta fight, for your right to party
You gotta fight


Don't leave Kal'darakaan if that's what you're gonna wear
I'll kick you outta my clan if you ever CUT THAT HAIR
Brynaelda busted in shouting 'What's this noise'
aaaaah Bryn you're just jealous it's the Frostbeard Boys!


You Gotta fight, for your right to party
You Gotta fight, for your right to party





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