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First Brigade Reforms

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The First Brigade stands as the backbone of the ISA. Every new recruit or cadet at one point or another has passed through the First after they complete training. With its role as the Infantry, it is one of the largest and most crucial Brigades in the ISA. However, after years of stagnation with no major reforms or changes Captain Erik var Ruthern sees fit to enact changes to the Brigade.


Creation of the 1st Brigade Grenadiers

For years the Imperial State Army has gone without its elite grenadiers. With a lack of organization and purpose they’ve fallen into obscurity. Because of this Captain Erik var Ruthern has seen fit to reorganize the grenadiers into the 1st Brigade. Available for Private specialist and up, soldiers will be able to specialize in Grenadier training and serve as elite infantry on the battlefield. They’ll be specially equipped with new innovation from the 5th Brigade. With the creation of Grenadiers a new billet is needed, the position of Grenademaster will be added to the ranks of the 1st.

  • Grenadier specialization will be offered starting at Private specialist in the 1st Brigade
  • The billet of Grenademaster will be created to oversee training and command of Grenadiers



In order to provide assistance in tracking and chasing down enemies, a Houndmaster will be appointed to train and care for the Hounds of the 1st Brigade. This position will be offered to any enlisted rank within the 1st able to train and look after the canines.




Captain Erik var Ruthern


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