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As issued and confirmed by HE the Lady Palatine Marcella Barclay, 362 E.S.






A map of the territory and regions of Hanseti-Ruska as of 362 ES

(Map drawn and made by Zaerie, typed version in spoiler)


Drawn in yellow is the current lands being developed by the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, though it lays claim to the entirety of the Staalmarsh, and the portion of the Rimeveld Wastes Northward of the marked territory.







Referenced as “The Core Lands” for this documentation only, to describe the original region of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska before the Attenlund Expansion in 361 E.S. The Core Lands include the majority of the current infrastructure of Haense, and all of the freshwater bodies of water. The region is topped by snow Northwards of Karosgrad, and holds the denser forestation of Haense.




Located South of the Margravate of Greyspine, and West of Karosgrad, New Rothswald is a coniferous forest often covered in a layer of snow. The region is rough and mountainous, and spans between Straat Eada, the Margravate of Greyspine, the Viscounty of Aurvelt, and Karosgrad. Rumors about this forest are dark and foreboding— speaking of corpses, trolls, and incoming death.



Located between the Duchy of Reinmar and the Royal City, Niederwald crowns the mountain separating the ducal and crown region. This pine forest is the densest within the lands, but would be a challenge to utilize due to the varying elevation of its region. Named “Niederwald” from New Marian “Lower Forest” due to its southern footprint compared to the rest of the core region.




The largest lake in Hanseti-Ruska, named after the late Koenas Viktoria of Metterden, for her involvement in the Scyfling Conflict and the naval aspect of the war, and furthermore her contributions to the kingdom as consort and dowager. The southernmost section of Lake Viktoria is owned by the Holy Orenian Empire and connected to the Augusta River, leading to the ocean. 



Dividing the Core Lands of Haense, and newly established Attenlund, Lake Voron sits in the center of the Haeseni territory. The northernmost edge of the lake has the icey expanse of the Rimeveld wastes sliding into the water, while each of the other three sides are surrounded by the Petravezk Mountains to the South, and Mount Sigismund to the East.


LAKE WEIßÄLERSEE (Common: White Stallion Lake)

Sitting between the Duchy of Reinmar and the lands of the Holy Orenian Empire, Lake Weißälersee is the smallest and shallowest lake in Hanseti-Ruska. The lake is named for Saint Tylos Barclay, whose main symbol was a white stallion. The name itself, Weißälersee comes from Waldenian and Reinmaren combination of linguistics. 




Named after the attack of giant crabs to occur upon the port of Karosgrad, Krab Bay is the Northern point of Lake Viktoria, and holds the majority of the ships of Hanseti-Ruska. The bay is cold, but holds considerably good fishing.



Connecting the lands of Hanseti-Ruska and Norland, the river Staal Eada is named after a Norlandic child, Eada, that was known for her passion for fishing. The river twists considerably, and passes through the lands of Haense, the unclaimed edge of the Rimeveld wastes, and comes out towards the Norlandic village of Elysium.








Named “The Attenlund,” meaning Eastern Lands in New Marian, the Attenlund is referenced as the land claimed by the Crown of Hanseti-Ruska in the 361 E.S. Attenlund Proclamation. The region is sparsely forested with the same coniferous trees as the Core Lands, other than in the easternmost region, the Staalmarsh. The majority of the Attenlund is rough and mountainous, with small plains towards the Orenian lands.


PETRAVEZK MOUNTAINS (Common: Persistence)

Stretching from the edge of the Core Lands to the Staalmarsh, the Petravezk mountains are named for the New Marian word Persistence, to symbolize the unwavering persistence of the Kingdom over the long years of its existence. Too does it reference the Biharism saying embedded into the culture of the Haeseni people, “I would have perished had I not persisted”. The mountains stand strong to guard the border of Haense and the Holy Orenian Empire. 



The largest standalone mountain in the Attenlund, Mount Sigismund is named for Koeng Sigismund II, who stood stalwart in the name of his kingdom. Mount Sigismund stands as a bastion against the vast Rimeveld Wastes, and is said to boast great hunting.



The strangest and least known region of Haense, the Staalmarsh or ‘Steel Marsh’ is a swampy and humid area covered in water and mud. Creatures such as alligators can be found in the staalmarsh, making it an extremely dangerous area to traverse, the terrain making it difficult to navigate.





HER EXCELLENCY, Marcella Karolina Barclay, Lady Palatine of Hanseti-Ruska

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