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It's 3 am and I've been inspired by all the edgy horror **** I've been reading/watching lately so enjoy


This specifically is meant to be a lil short story using sensory illusion bc it can be very fun to play with so enjoy xo


also I dont write story stuff much so pls spare me


Endless Hallway | Disney haunted mansion, Mansions, Haunted mansion

A haunting cry floods vacant hallways.


A seemingly endless whirlwind of hallways and entrances the woman would scramble past, her beaten gown floating behind her - like a torn kite attempting to catch wind. A shriek caught at a hoarse throat, worn from the choked-back sobs and collection of mucus. An aching exhaustion crept down the lady's spine - the only hope remaining being what might await her beyond the dark, empty void she barreled towards. 


Have I yet to move? 


The mind had produced a paralyzing thought, though she thought she could swallow those thoughts down with rough gulps and exasperated breaths. 


The woman then dried her flooding, blood-shot eyes with a messy swipe of the hand. Only to realize that no progress had been made towards the end. 




Her thoughts violated her mind once more. She could not grasp what she was fleeing from, or how long she’d been in these halls, or how she arrived to begin with, but all connection to reality was interrupted when a movement caught her peripheral. 


Bloody feet splotched on the marble floors as she desperately pursued the movement. The stains drying over to mark a permanent path towards a magnificent sight of ichor double doors. Her eyes traced out an archway much taller than she stood, the framework surrounding it containing delicate carvings and busts of greater unknowns. It was a sight to marvel.


Her marvelling lasted not for long as hands, many of them, slithered out from the set of double doors and snaked around her ankles and arms - yanking her into..


“... And she's awake” 


The woman took note of an unfamiliar voice, assuming these were no longer the intrusive thoughts from before, she opened her eyes. As her eyes sunk, her stomach and heart fell with it, for she would find herself strapped to a slab of wood. 


There was no denying the fate that would soon befall this woman. She was shattered, a ghost pain of what was once a hoarse throat lingered, leaving her at nothing but a loss for words. 


“Send her back to sleep. The screaming annoys me.” 


Who was this voice coming from? The woman struggled to crane her neck, but when she was able she’d only notice a gathering of figures she couldn’t quite make out surrounding her in each cardinal direction.


Directly South, the hands of one of the unrecognizable figures leaked a gray aura. It spun around the mages hand in a refined manner, a true testament of the artists control over their craft. 




The woman blinked and was consumed once more by her failing subconscious.


Though when she opened her eyes and found herself running for her life in a seemingly abandoned city, all she could do was scream. 

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Very lovely read, for a short story. It also helps outline and display the horrifying implications of mental magics and manipulations quite well, I feel! 


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