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TO HIS HOLINESS, Jude II, present Pontiff of the Church of the Canon.


May Almighty God continue to shower you with many blessings, Holy Father. Your continued fatherly watch over the flock God has committed to you, namely every rational creature breathing under the Skies, is well shown by the fact you readily listen to even the slightest, littlest and most foolish of your subjects. Being all three of these, I, with confidence and love, write this brief little note to you, and submit it to the consideration of Holy Church.


You will, of course, be aware of that heroic model of Bishops, Saint Kristoff of Hanseti. He is an example of charity and courage for all of our Priests and religious, and a worthy patron for all within the bosom of Holy Mother Church. God favoured him with so many special graces that they truly are innumerable to count, and we had sooner count the number of the stars than the vast plurality of his virtues. 


But what is less well known is that he had a son, Jurgen. (Of course, before he had sworn a Vow of Celibacy.) This Jurgen is well remembered in Savoyard folklore (For that is where Kristoff settled and became known and loved), as a brave soldier, a compassionate physician, distinguished in all manliness, but, and this is what concerns us, he could also be called the worker of at least one miracle in his life. This is well recorded in the most authentic account of a knight called Francois de Argon, who fought in the Dukes' War and was squire to Augustus, first Duke of Lorraine. Although weighted toward the Savoyard side, Blessed Pius of Sutica in his Life of Ven. Olivier trusted its reliability (He contrasted it with von Manstein's history of Savoy which was another pro-Savoyard account); Francois simply relates the plain truth as he saw it, and therefore examination has vindicated the honesty, if not the objectivity, of his autobiography, The Annals. This Francois himself was known for keen observance to the Code of Chivalry to the point of "Scrupulosity" (Life of Ven. Olivier 4.9), which states: "[A knight shall] at all times speak the truth, even under pain of death."


According to this account, this Francois began to lose the feeling in his arm. He had made friends with Jurgen, a garrison soldier among the Savoyards and camp physician (His father, Saint Kristoff, had been a famed medical doctor himself.) Now this Francois confided this problem to Jurgen, who, taking compassion on him, could see no other explanation but that leprosy was taking hold. Now Jurgen, far from being repelled, urged Francois that leprosy was in fact far less contagious than is often-times feared, and kept it a secret. And trying divers cures to no effect, however, after a long period, Jurgen was rewarded with a miraculous cure for his "diligence" and "charity", and the disease receded. (Francois, Annals, V.) 


Now this Jurgen is also recorded for his heroic charity in the records. The historian Manstein, as well as Francois himself, tell of his great courage in fighting the undead, his charity toward the poor, and his great humility is shown also in a correspondence between the two. Jurgen rejected any veneration for his part and asked Francois not to speak of it, saying that the Author of the miracle was God, and that it owed more to the faith of he who believed in the miracle, then he through whom it was affected. One folk song spoke of universal mourning upon this holy physician's death, saying: "[Jurgen], God knows of your devotion, as a defender of His notion." 


With this miracle, faithfully recorded, and several faithful witnesses to his great holiness, not least Saint Kristoff himself, who trained him in the physician's art, I beg that Jurgen's cause be opened, and that he be declared Venerable. This means that people will venerate him and ask for his intercession, and, God willing, God will grant so many numerous miracles that he will be crowned together with his father by Holy Church. 


And please also remember little Philip in your prayers, for he has need of them.


I remain the least of your children,


Philip Romolo Vaz.


P.S. If indeed his testimony is worth anything, let it be noted that the author of this letter himself has a special devotion to this holy man, and has received many graces through his intercession.


P.S. AGAIN: I apologise, Holy Father. I am very forgetful. I must not neglect Jurgen's great cheerfulness under pain, suffering and danger. I think such holy cheerfulness is the best medicine for today's so-called rationalists.

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Jürgen, drinking his heavenly pina coladas, high fives St Amyas after winning a badminton match against a pair of aenguls.

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