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Azdromoth's Chosen & the Temple of Yara Oth'dra

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"O’ Heralds Mine, bearers of the mark, receivers of our blood, yield unto Me.”




The Call of Avarice shall wake the slumbering giant, when dark portents wax nigh and the earth trembles with his rage, heed them as the counsel of the father. The Titan, who hath slept since the birth of our cage shall crawl once more from the tomb of his jailor's making, vehement in his wrath. The War Against the Darkness shall be as nothing to his vengeance. For the Sons of Malin, few in number, cannot stand against him. And thus shall the Light of the Heavens dim, darkening forevermore. For the gentility of the Light cannot bear witness to such atrocities as he shall wreak. The souls wreathed in fire shall be the harbingers of his dark fate. And the earth shall run red as the blood of the deceived. The Master of Death will drink deep from the Light of the Heavens, that which lies outside our gleaning will be drawn to the harvest as moths to the candle and devour the King of Kings. The Bringer of Fire and Wrath shall take his place amongst the stars, unstoppable as the night that follows in the wake of his damnation. A malignant shroud shall fall across the spirit and so will the world mourn.

Valens Ith’ael on the Prophecy of the Titan’s Awakening





With the closing of the Mathic Age and the dawn of the Second, Azdromoth’s Chosen coalesced in Almaris as a sect of the Titan’s children dedicated to the sanctity of the world. He is the bearer of this world -- the Firstborn of it, and as He is its inheritor, it is our duty to protect what is His.


At the Temple of Yara Oth'dra, located in the holdings of the rightful seat of Mankind, we have undertaken a scholarly and clerical role within the school of Asioth. Under the guidance of various Azdrazi and Ordained Heralds, this sect hopes to further educate mortal Descendant-kind of the enlightened path we have taken. In tandem with this adopted method of Asioth’s interpretation do we make it paramount amidst our ranks to ensure the natural state of Almaris as it were when it was found, and in adherence to the Firstborn and His ancient promise to Mankind. This is the Land of the Titans, and it shall remain untarnished by otherworldly divine intervention, be it dark -- or light. 



I - The name of the Firstborn shall not be taken in vain, nor shall we permit it to be stained by the words of the ignorant.

II - The Dark and the Light are enemies of the Firstborn and this world, and we shall not allow ourselves to be seduced by them, nor to associate with their followers.

III - The Azdrazi are the children of the Firstborn, and so it is our charge to aid in their plights, for through them we glimpse His reflection.

IV - Those who strike against the Firstborn or His Children are to be shown no mercy, for their folly is that which can be corrected only by death.

V - The cretin who slaughters our kin, the accursed Aengul who shall not be named, must be opposed at every opportunity, for he is our bane.



I Those of the Chosen shall not aimlessly slaughter ‘lest the target be irreversibly ailed. To do so forgoes the beliefs of the Titan, for His intent is to protect with wings shrouding.

II Those of the Chosen shall not kin-slay, for we do not pride ourselves in petty squabbles amongst one another and the Titan’s children.

III Those of the Chosen shall not steal familial or sacred belongings from their brothers-in-arms. 

IV Those of the Chosen shall protect the Temple of Yara Oth'dra with their lives, for this home is ours.

V Those of the Chosen shall protect Mankind with their lives, for the Titan's Pact of Horen wills it.



At any time there are mortals whose maw creates Treacherous words

But your faith is truth in your flesh

Serve until you lie resting, so that your soul might arise

Like the wings of our lord's rise in the loyal wind.








Ancient draconic worship had its roots in Canonism. Since the first dragon worshippers were Men, their preexisting spiritual culture coloured the faith that was to fly on the backs of scaled wings. Just as the Canonists derive both their name and their scripture from the Holy Canon, so too did the Chosen-brood turn towards the Canon for instruction and enlightenment. The brood believed that, hidden within the burning Sun, the Seventh Flame burned; the Sunfire that began all of Creation, just as Canonists believe in the Seventh Sky and its place as the home of God. This Fire is of the highest divinity and is identified with the Canonist Creator.


Rather than imagining the Seven Skies as an outer realm beyond this one, they instead chose to identify them with the structures of the world around them. This reverence for the physical realm drew them towards animist tendencies, worshipping the stars, storms and seas of the world through their draconic masters and as powers in and of themselves. Quickly, they found themselves speaking of more than one god; and though the Creator remained the Father of all things, He was not the only object of worship within this new church.


The Seven Flames represented the pillars of the world, each playing an equally important role in preserving the order of all things. By their light is the world revealed and understood, and through their warmth, can we be beckoned into the halls of the Lord.



I am Azdromoth, ken with stone, father of mountains, first of giants and friend of Mankind. My stone scales are the shield of all the realms, my flames, the ire of my Father. Stand against me and you shall burn beside the forces of chaos that are my eternal enemies; stand beside me, and the blood in my veins, the wisdom of my years and the ferocity of my claws will be your bounty.

Azdromoth, Firstborn of the World







Sunfire: referred to both as the Seventh and First flame, Sunfire is the power that forged the world from nothing. Its shimmering form carved the valleys of the world from shadow and poured light into their stones. Through the Sunfire, order is sustained, and by learning of its nature, one may come to know the truth of all things and the justice that balances the lives of all mortals, safeguarding society and punishing evil. Ancient texts regularly conflate this power with the Maker Himself, creating a twice-god of two faces, both the Allfather and the genderless flame of the Sun.


Starfire: these are the lights that burn in the darkest places. They are those things which remain with us no matter the challenges that appear before us, no matter how tall the mountain we must climb. Starfire represents the powers of the gods to guide us, to shepherd us, and to structure the universe. Whilst mortal folk may only see chaos in the rich, green expanses of the forest, Starfire reveals the underlying pattern of all things and brings sense into a senseless universe. Through this celestial flame does the Lord make His will known through His children, aengudaemon and dragon both.


Mountainfire: the earth breathes just like you and I. It's great chest heaves with mighty lungs that suck down the air of life, birthing forests, mountains, seas - Men. Through Mountainfire, the dragons are emboldened with divine energy, becoming the guardians of the land that protect the earth, the foundation of all being. These flames represent the authority of the dragon-gods and the energies of the mortal realm and are the last of the three flames considered godly.


Skyfire: these are the flames that burn between heaven and earth, The lightning that fills the wings of the storm, the winds that blow across the battlefield, the strange dreams that pour into the sleeping soul. Skyfire represents the powers of change that are the gods to command, but that are also integral to the sacred powers of nature. Whilst not expressly godly, these flames make known the will of the gods, and chiefly incarnate themselves as lesser servants of the Maker and His divine children. They are also believed to manifest as strange, sprite-like creatures that represent the forces of nature, tales of which are many in the brood's library.


Forgefire: the highest echelons of mortal society are shaped by this holy flame, bringing insight and ambition into the hearts of kings, warriors and scholars. Through Forgefire can Mankind change the face of the world through will and sweat. Victory is born of the Forge, poured into steel, and wielded against the coming darkness.


Hearthfire: the flames that burn in the heart of every home. Loving, charitable, a symbol of parenthood (particularly the life of the Mother) and a light which binds all life together as one people under God. The Hearthfire is instrumental in guiding mortal life to live fruitfully and empathetically, binding itself together to battle the challenges that come from without, and consider the emotional turmoil which lies within. This fire is also called the ‘Greenfire’ in certain circles, since it is believed to bind the forests of the world together as much as it does the world of Men. Some believe this name to be a more fitting description.


Madfire: the blood of life itself, the Madfire burns within all of His creations, moving them to think and speak and act. It is chaos incarnate, yes, but through this chaos, order is brought into being. This flame fuels the birth and essence of all souls, creating both Man and nature. To understand this lowest of essences in a world filled with so many other flames is the duty of all children of the brood, a duty regularly undertaken through study of the Canon and worship of the Lord and His servants.


At the Temple of Yara Oth'dra, the Chosen of Azdromoth take to maintaining an eternal beacon of flame. This fire is to be kept alight unto the end-times by the Titan’s sons and daughters the Azdrazi, and His heralds. No matter sun, wind, or rain the fire shall burn strong as a testament to the Titan Himself -- His infinite wisdom, intelligence, life, power, and control over the realm in which we live. This is our Fire, and it represents Him.



My kin have discarded the Light, but so too have they exiled the Shadow. We are Fire.

We light your halls but cast shadows of your frames. We are both and we are none.


Gamling in A Call to Flame; Draconic Tutelage





The organization of the Temple of Yara Oth'dra has a much more decentralized structure compared to most religious institutions. With no high priest of the Temple, Heralds make up the general bulk of the priesthood. The Azdrazi residing at the temple vary in their participation within the priesthood. Some Azdrazi within the Temple treat it as a temple dedicated to their Father and a home for themselves, while others take up the positions of honorary senior priests. 


Worship is not a necessary requirement by the Temple of Yara Oth'dra. Many priests revere and honor the Titan for His power, protection, and fathership of the world. Some however utilize the site as a means to make holy offerings and here, persecution for how one devotes themself is unheard of.



Those who wish to walk the path of Asioth in adherence to the teachings of Azdromoth and the Temple of Yara Oth'dra need simply discover the temple in their travels. Its location is unknown, but to explore the world is to explore and understand His land and the connectivity of the spirit to it. The Chosen do not discriminate -- any who wish to adhere to the teachings of the Titan may join.



Contact information in-game: Rylothh, JoanOfArc, KBR, Jentos

OOC Discord Contact: Ryloth#6969, Jules#6253, KBR#9710, Jentos#6646

Discord link: https://discord.gg/z43hrrfcRM

Please do not hesitate to contact us -- as of 3/11/2021 we are working to build our temple, but feel free to reach out to us for RP! Do NOT contact us if you are only looking to be connected as an Azdrazi or Herald of Azdromoth.



This post is intended to be a compiled piece dedicating the works of the most renown writers of the Azdrazi and Herald players to date into a temple, utilizing these texts and roleplayed cultural facets from a number of sources.



  • Malaise (General Azdromoth lore & quotes, culture and character)
  • Hindsightmancy (Seven Fires & Draconic Worship lore)
  • Bagley (Valens Ith'ael lore)
  • Jentos (Gamling's Draconic Tutelage: A Call to Flame)
  • Kalehart (Tenets of Heraldry lore)
  • JoanOfArc & myself (Formatting & guild organization)
  • Art;
    • Kings 18:37 Prophets of Baal
    • Elder Scrolls Online, sunset over Skyrim
    • Monolith by Zeilyan
    • Thranduil by Zeilyan


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By God’s light and my Father’s will, thine child ascends above

Her soul resides in the heavens.



Svitraniv Helianthe spoke softly in honor of the Titan.

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Ratcliffe claps his hands together, dust dissipating into the air from the act. With a roll of his shoulders, he picks up a pickaxe, dutifully working away at the temple. No words left his mouth, but a happy song came from his soul. 

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He was madfire. He was moulded by the very fire that made him and give him life. He was shaped from flesh and given a crest of stone. His heart was an ember - an eye that opened with every breath he took. 


Down in that temple he weaved and spoke. Great secrets he mustered to the flames. Great circles magical and sacred were carved in those halls. He sang to the fire as it had sang to him. 


He feared that fire, as he feared his father, and as he feared himself. He whispered secret tidings into the flames - and saw many shapes and wonders, as he saw horror within them. He saw agony - he saw death - he saw an old man with a single eye, and he was struck down. 


There he wondered, there he flailed in the darkness, wondering and fearing, if he was still the man he had used to be, or if the very flames had consumed all that once was? He was madfire. 

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From the forests surrounding the Silver City, a herald of times past would stir, feeling the call of the Titan. Collecting what little she had, Visenna Maehr'tehral followed the ethereal voice that seemed to guide her to renewed purpose.

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A singular eye peered on, observing the fire with keen interest.

His digits flicked and the flames followed, licking his fingertips, creating countless shapes.

Prophets, kings, divines, commoners, politicians, priests and prostitutes made of flame danced like puppets as the swarthy Rhenyari moved his hand.

Finally the image of a great dragon coalesces amongst the ever shifting shapes of everyday Man.

It's greatness is evident in the flaming icon, mighty wings beating above the rest of the flame in the great fireplace.

His eye observed his mind's own image of the Titan, he focused as the image moved, it wasn't the creature's size nor it's might that had drawn the Rhenyari to it's service, no, it was the perfection and beauty of the creature.

It enraptured and called him in, for a moment he felt the need to reach out into the flame and be consumed by it, become one, one them.

Not now. Not yet. 

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Alistair, the first scion of Azdromoth, and the progenitor of the current flight let loose a snort from his lips. His tall, red-scaled body remained trapped in the molten lava, subdued with his head tilted upwards out of the lava to gasp for air. Black, burning chains gridlocked him into place as he remained in stasis. The Azdrazi thought to himself amidst his fiery slumber. 

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