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Void Mage Archetypes and Potential Ideologies

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An attempt at defining types of voidal magi, events that might affect beliefs and perception towards magic and other flavourful information.



Truth be told there are many types of magi with many mixed beliefs. This first section shall try to define three typical types of magi and how they are defined.


Path of Prosperity


“The void is without limit and for that reason so am I.”



Fervour Mages

War Mages

Adventure Mages


Magi who prescribe to this way of life may typically find themselves as court mages, war-wizards and enchanters. These individuals use their magic to further themselves - and potentially those around them - to untold and boundless limits. To a Fervour mage, magic is a tool that anyone is able to pick up and use.


Key principles

  • The void is powerful and has great potential to further the mind, body and self.

  • Magic is limitless and anyone who is willing is more than welcome to try and take it.

  • Descendants were given the ability to use magic for this reason.


Path of Diligence


“The void is an ocean of potential. We are like children throwing stones into water, the small pebbles cause no harm yet the larger ones will stir the fish.”



 Isolation Mages



Magi of these categories are not to be mistaken for hoarders, rather protectors of secrets. Typically falling either into anti-mages - magi who go out seeking those who abuse the arcane for their own knowledge and power (Usually bumping heads with the other two archetypes). They also fall into scholars and protectors of secrets, documenting what they have learnt and trying to prevent others from finding out more.


Key principles

  • The void is relentless and contains many horrors and it is the hubris and malevolence of the foolish and foul who surface them.

  • With careful practice and consideration a mage may be able to minimise the collateral damage they cause through casting.

  • Magic was given as a choice to us and a test to show we are intelligent enough to not undo ourselves with it.


Path of Exploration


“The answers are sat under our noses, the others are lazy not to seek it. My mind endures and yearns for these answers.”



Academic Mages


These magi are those who seek to find the answers written in the universe. Scholars and adventurers combined they delve and hunt for knowledge. These individuals also tend to find themselves as court mages, those whose studies are funded by states, or they’re quietly maddened scholars, hunting for the answers to the realm.


Key principles

  • There are secrets to even creation of the creator within the void

  • Knowledge is there, it simply takes the strongest to unlock it.

  • We were given magic as a way to unlock answers from the void.


Events and Figures

Individuals of Notability and key historical events.


This page is used as a pool of information and used to help characters decide which archetype of voidal user they become. Assume this information is heard about, however the specified are not exactly known. - Knowledge of the occurrence, yet without precisely what went on


The Voidal Tear,

An event in the history of Arcas where a large voidal horror managed to pierce the Veil, wreaking havoc on the continent.

  • Many mages use this incident as an example of what the abuse and exploitation of the void could lead to.


The September Prince,

An event in Atlas where a large creature of druidic origin rose and began destroying much of the realm.

  • This has been used as a great example of why mages are required in the realm, as many a time magi were used to help combat the great threat with evocations and other more powerful arcana.

  • Also used as a counter argument as it could be argued that voidal taint had been a factor in awakening the ancient druid.


The Inferis Invasion,

An event in Arcas where Inferis from Moz Strimoza broke through and many powerful beings attempted to conquer much of the mortal realm.

  • Another example alike the September Prince of why magi are useful to the realm.


Mages Guild / Enchantry,

Two notable guilds of magi. These guilds allowed magi to share knowledge and research as well as how to practice and understand arcana.

  • Theories on ‘magic based guilds’ can be used and applied in practice by all archetypes

    • Fervour mages may see it as a prestigious academy where only the best of the best can go

    • Isolation mages may see it as a steady slope to lose and rampantly malicious magi.

    • Academic mages may see it as a place to learn and discover secrets with the assistance of economic and physical assistance.



These are individuals of whom have achieved great magical potential and prestige. Individuals such as the first mage of the mages guild could be one of them.

  • Similar to the idea of guilds, magi of this category can be seen from many angles

    • A potential threat to secrecy, a source of knowledge for academics or a challenge



Many magi commonly make a mistake in believing that power is what they want, when in fact power is actually a method in obtaining other things.


In time gone and time to come, these are typical and potential goals many magi have:

  • Answers

    • To Life, Existence, Why something happened

  • Prestige

    • Through arcane prowess, social status or intelligence

  • Economic Wealth

    • Through adventure, mercantile methods or other ways of improving wealth.


Power should never be seen as a goal as truthfully it isn’t one. And many magi commonly find themselves reaching for one thing and then finding themself at the start of another, desires change and twist as with the magi.


Aims of this post

This post aims to help magi who are currently suffering from the lack of direction or something to base their character around with some set ideals and morality. This post hopes to assist those who are looking for something to identify best with.


Of course nobody has to follow any of this. It’s a quasi-guide for many voidal mages (or even perhaps non voidal users) out there on LotC.


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2 minutes ago, Nozoa said:
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this is based 


Gods said 'We need to fix the void'

yet the gods were like 'someone else do it'

so me do it

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This is aight but it would’ve worked better as an rp post tbh

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grr ooc in rp.

It's a very nice post that I believe can alleviate the pressure caused by a lack of focus around voidal magic. I agree with the two above me

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3 hours ago, AgentMemory said:

grr ooc in rp.

It's a very nice post that I believe can alleviate the pressure caused by a lack of focus around voidal magic. I agree with the two above me


My original idea was to turn it into an rp post but I sorta just decided against it because uh, I'm procrastinating work already

It works as a pseudo-roleplay post, if players wanted to pull some ideas into how they'd describe their characters it can always work out just the same

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Okay but, this isn’t puddle lore? 0/10 :)

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This is neato, but im pretty sure the 'edgy' voidal mages outrank 1 or 2 of theres archetypes in popularity.

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10 hours ago, Security_ said:

Okay but, this isn’t puddle lore? 0/10 :)


:(( puddle lore already released

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