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The Caerme'onn Seed

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Sigil by Twilight


“The ink upon my skin, the fire within my spirit, the deeds of my faith, these are which bind me to my ancestors.”







Caerme’onn is one of the oldest known seeds of the mali’ame, dating back to the early days of the Princedom of Laureh’lin and is built upon the beliefs and qualities of hunters, protectors, and leaders. Caerme’onn is devoted to defend and uphold the mali’ame culture. Compared to any other seed, the Caerme’onn are vastly skilled and knowledgeable people of the forest with strong connections to nature. Many of the members of Caerme’onn have taken up roles of leadership and/or have been notable within the mali’ame culture weather that be under the titles of Archdruii, Princes, Chieftains or community role models.

Throughout the years, the Caerme’onns have developed advanced techniques of tracking and hunting, making them excel both at hunting large game, or tracking smaller game. Along with these advancements they have also been known to hone their survival skills, as it may be required to spend days in the wild while upon a hunt. 




The seed originated in the ancient era of the nomadic seeds, out of a marriage between a seed whose name is lost to time, and a clan of elves from far away. In their union, they took the name “Caerme’onn”, meaning ‘born of destiny’. The Caerme’onn were one of many seeds who fought alongside the Green Dragon Taynei in her war against Garthon, the draoii usurper.


Unfortunately, the name faded into obscurity as with many others following that ancient war and the death of traditional mali’ame culture that followed. But, come the 16th century of the Common Era, one Artimec “Camoryn'' traced his lineage back to his ancient tribal roots, and brought his tribe and its customs into the modern era, paving the way for a pan-wood elven cultural revival, with clan Caerme’onn being at the forefront of this. 














Along with the path of becoming an Aspectist, a Caerme’onn delves into the teachings of the wild animal spirits, the Mani. Of the many worshipped and prayed to, the two established Mani of worship in the seed are the Patron Amaethon and Matron Bolomormaa. 


Amaethon, The Stag Prince and Sovereign of all Cervidae, is the God of Regality. In times of leading, we pray to Amaethon, the ruler of the herd, who displays dignity and Leadership qualities. The Stag is full of benevolence when bearing protection over his herd and aiding in survival. Additionally, Amaethon resembles that of justice and fatherhood, those who do wrong must meet their punishment and his young follow his lead so that they too can lead their own herds one day. We follow Amaethon for not only his guidance in leadership but also compassion. As a family, we must chief our young to follow our beliefs and values, so that one day they too can lead our kin. 


Bolomormaa, The Wild Princess of Bears and Bear Mother, is the Goddess of Protection and Guardianship. She does not seek out conflict and she is not aggressive, rather, Bolomormaa is sincere and gentle. If one is to threaten her kin, however, the bear will fight with ferocity. Bolomormaa plays an important role in motherhood, where we may pray to her for her strength and vigour. With leadership comes the duty to protect and guard -- a symbiotic blend between the two Mani. As a seed, we follow Bolomormaa for her guidance in protecting our kin and fellow mali’ame. It is expected of the Caerme’onn people that we are pragmatic, and have a sense of composure when leading our lives.





Art by Jaromir Hrivnac





The initiate is rigorously taught of the Aspects, what they stand for, and the various ways to worship them. This is done through the various members of the seed, it being encouraged to expand out and learn such from different clans and people collectively. Once the initiate has learned of the Aspects and what they represent, they must give an item of significant value as an offering, while swearing an oath to never hold any deities or powers above them.



The initiate is to be instructed and shown the various things that Mali’ame have been raised from, and around. The trial is up to the subject’s interpretation, having to make something that represents an aspect of the culture. Many examples of this would be befriending an animal companion, making a shelter, carving an object from wood, or even making a weapon. This will then be presented to a Chieftain to see if it is worthy.



The initiate is to seek out another member of the community and take them on as an apprentice. One key aspect in leading is to have patience. The trial does not have to be explicitly stated as to what the initiate is expected to teach. The Chieftess will deem the trial completed with observations of the relationship between initiate and apprentice, as well as sufficient evidence provided that the individual taken on has successfully learned a lesson.



The initiate is to go out on their own, or preferably with fellow Caerme’onn on a hunt for an animal. This is to show capability on how to hunt, track, and most importantly survive by one’s self. The trial will be completed once they have successfully slain an animal, and have utilized the entire body, ensuring nothing goes to waste.



The initiate is to show a sign of leadership in their person through a variety of ways. This can be shown by something small, such as leading a small hunt or foraging expedition, or something large, such as a battle against a threat to the Mali’ame. To ensure completion, either a Chieftain or someone chosen by them will accompany the initiate on their hunt to observe their prowess.



The initiate is to defeat another member of Caerme’onn, preferably an Elder or Chieftain in one on one combat as their final trial. The requirements for the fight to be fair is that the two must be unarmed to ensure neither have specific advantages. The way that the initiate will pass is by either proving their expertise in battle by knocking their opponent to the ground for an extended period of time, or showing that they are a competent enough fighter to hold their own in a fight.

** All trials are subjective and may change throughout the role-play depending on the initiate. These changes may only be dealt by the Chieftan or Chieftess. 



Art of Kaelwyn, Miven, Awaiti, Taeral, Lavinia, & Elle'nora by Nikkadonna




After one has gone through their trials to join the Caerme’onn, the first rite that one will most likely take part in is the crafting of their personal weapon. This weapon of their choice will solely be theirs, not to be wielded by another. Suggestions can be made as to what they should make, but it is ultimately up to the user as to what they wish to be created, it being required that their weapon be made from Ironwood, decorated at their will. The user will carve their weapon, and then assist in tempering it alongside a member who knows how to do such without fail. Once forged, the Chieftess of the seed will bless the weapon in the blood of a fresh kill. It is highly encouraged that they take this into any fights or hunts they take part in, if not, it being deemed meaningless by the rest of the family.




Once every four years a feast will be lead by the Chieftains and members of the Caerme’onn. The day prior to the feast, a large expedition will be held in which the members of the Clan head out to gather food; be it foraging, or by hunting and sacrificing an animal. Such will be brought back to the manor, where as a family they will prepare the food and arrange decor for the following day. The purpose of the feast is to connect with members of the seed, and tell the story of Faeinn.




As one successfully completes all six of the initiation trials, they are to be blessed with the rite of marking. The individual decides where they wish to wear their seed tattoos, be it under their eyes, on the chest or along their arms. The member is inked with sanguine dyes before the entire seed. This process is what welcomes them to the seed, and an official means of taking on the name Caerme’onn.




Art of Abelas Caerme’onn (Lockages) by DreeaDraws



Art of Artanis Caerme'onn (Taufirewarrior) by Val





Art of Miven by Nikkadonna




Current standing Chieftess: Miven Caerme’onn ( @WestCarolina )

Returning Chieftan: Abelas Caerme’onn ( @Lockages )


[[Any interested in the seed or wishing to join, feel free to interact IRP or PM me on discord! Carol#7747]]

Special thanks to @Lockagesfor all the help!


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god imagine being a caerme'onn, what a loser

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2 minutes ago, JustGrim said:

Fox seed best seed

shut up JustIdiot

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1 minute ago, NomadGaia said:


DRAGON GANG is FIRE. Seed pact when?

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14 minutes ago, WestCarolina said:

DRAGON GANG is FIRE. Seed pact when?

Done deal

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