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A Broken 'aheral

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"And after your haelun died you went to join el'sillumiran. It is said the sweet oem'ii who left never came back." The woman spoke to Kaelan, who looked relatively tired and pale in complexion. "No-one came back." he responded, clicking his fingers thrice before seemingly being lost in his own thoughts.


"Sometimes it last all night and I hear the igniting of fire, cracking of stone against that wall right there." Kaelan had said to Alluin, as he lay in his bed. "Then sometimes it happens, the sun beam beats the sound of the crackling stone and the fires that would emerge when the wall has fallen."


"Is it another war you're looking for, marmal’onn?" Andria had asked Kaelan, as they played chess shortly after the murder of Azorella Eli’barcal. Moving his bishop to H6. “Checkmate.” he responded, before rising to his feet and departing.


"What is your concern, Kaelan?" Thoras said, as they prepared to leave for the siege of Llyria. "One minute, the soldier's minute, in the battle that is all we get. One minute, of everything at once."


This is how they survive. You must know this. You're too smart not to know this. They paint the world full of shadows... and then tell their oem’ii to stay close to the light. Their light. Their reasons, their judgments. Because in the darkness, there are monsters. But it isn't true. We can prove that it isn't true. In the dark, there is discovery, there is possibility, there is freedom in the dark once someone has illuminated it. And who has been so close to doing it as we are right now?” Kaelan said to his daughter, Ivoriel. 


Gathered outside of the gate-house of Lareh'thilln, where many of the Sillumiran had heard of his return. "Most of you have served beneath me, so listen up. Things have changed, we stand together, here today. Alone, I believe the governmental system to be fraudulent. As such it is our duty to rectify this issue, execute order 65. Av’Azorella, for the republic" he said to his troops, as they departed towards the Citadel.


"You've got enough trouble, right Kaelan? The trembles and panic attacks. You lost your best llir, your malii’mal..." Gynflir said to him, as the duo sat within a Haensetic tavern for a conversation.


"Nobody will kill you Kaelan." His sister said to him, her bags packed as she had departed the land with her husband. "You'll end up killing yourself."


"I'm sensing some issues here, shouldn't you do something?" Nehtamo spoke, though it was some years after his death. "Its not as simple as just fighting it." Kaelan responded, his fresh wounds oozing with blood. "I still wouldn't give up, Kaelan. Remember what I told you."



got a bit bored, thought i'd throw some stuff out there given certain circumstances regarding my character. Obviously I don't want muppets metagaming so I've dulled it down to its simplicity. 


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Boredom. The day had been filled with practice and lessons, both to make her a better medic. Yet still, that silver eyed 'aheral gazed over to where she'd last seen Kaelan. Where he'd last been seen before disappearing off to do something else, though she knew not what.


"I wonder if he's alive." She'd say to herself occasionally as the months passed. Then again, what is a few months when a life is faced with near immortality in terms of years. Never idle, she returned to bettering herself as a medic, confident he'd have a new tale to share over tea some day.


"But." She'd linger on the thought a moment longer, out gathering herbs. "This is why I do not make friends." She'd remind herself. 



🐒 <--that's u


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