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[!] The following notice is pinned to the board in Bramblebury; a single piece of paper with the title written in large font


- - - On Murder And Missing Persons - - -

An announcement to my fellow wee folk, on the topic of past murders and myself, Sorrel R. Peregrin.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself "Sorrel? Wasn't that one dead?" And I am here to report that I have checked thoroughly and am glad to confirm that you're absolutely wrong!


Some time last year I departed from my home to the outskirts of the village, intending to gather watercress. However, I can only remember a fraction of this, having come to my senses later with no cress to speak of many miles away. Having spend several weeks, perhaps months, lost in the forest and eating various foliage, I was quite confused to arrive in the village and find that I've been assumed dead, alongside fellow Peregrin James, after the discovery of two bodies. It seems someone made a mistake in the matter, because both of us have appeared and been confirmed to not currently be corpses. 


Monkey Peregrin and I have had a discussion on the matter, involving digging up both bodies, and spoken to James ourselves, and alongside concluding that neither of us have been murdered have come to the realization that the murders may be related to my subsequent disappearance! (No clue what's up with James though ask him yourself) All current evidence suggests me falling into the river and being carried some ways out, though I can't remember a thing of this. However, some of my belongings have been found alongside the temporary graves of the unknown victims -- likely planted there, leading me to believe something else is still afoot and may be to come.


Nonetheless, the fact of the matter is that two of our own, despite unknown to us personally, have been killed, and though I took it upon myself to respectfully bury them in proper graves, they have suffered a grave injustice -- one which others of our own may still suffer.


Though I am not dead, there is still the danger of the same happening to me and to anyone else, so even as time wanes on and the victims remain anonymous, you must remain vigilant. Protect your own and your others, wee folk.


And stop telling people that I'm dead.


- Sorrel R. Peregrin

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A halfling by the name of James Peregrin reads over the missive happily, finally getting his word out. 


"Oi'm nay dead. Oi jus' wen' on a bendah en teh fores', ef oi remembah et correc'leh. A bi' fuzzeh, et es, bu' oi believe oi ded t'a'."


And with that, James would continue meandering around the village, as he was.

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Jeannette Applebottom breathed a sigh of relief,

"So et wasn't Sorrel. T'ank Knox."

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