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Exile of The Red Coyote, 16 SA

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Decree of Banishment of Laetranis ap Tahorran

14th of The Deep Cold, 16 SA







~ Overview ~


Until subsequent review, with reprieve and exemptions only to be granted under the authority of the Crown and government, the following parties are hereby banished from the Princedom of Elvenesse and all the lands encompassed within its dominion: 


Laetranis ap Tahorran (aliases Red Coyote, Brother Coyote, diplomatic roadblock)


Those found to be in contempt of this ruling are to submit themselves to escort and removal from the land encompassing the Crown of Elvenesse.  Refusal to do so shall be deemed an act of open hostility and met with a sufficient display of lawful force. 





~ Rationale ~


Under review by the Crown Council of Elvenesse, the individual “Laetranis ap Tahorran” has been found to be in contempt of international diplomatic discretion on several accounts, and counts of Treason. Due to the high profile of the varied incidents, the Crown sees it fit to enforce exile upon the deemed ‘Red Coyote’. Should he be found within the Realm of Elvenesse, he will be subjected to the full extent of the Indor Tiran, as well as eligible for extradition if negotiated accordingly. It is to be noted that this article is of no particular incident, and rather the overarching issues the individual has caused the Crown of Elvenesse.






    HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS, Fëanor of House Sylvaeri, High Prince of Elvenesse,

    Wielder of the Crown of Malinor, Protector of the Almenodrim and Irrinites


Evar'tir of House Oranor, Lord Exarch of Elvenesse, nominal Prince of Caras Eldar, Adjudicator of Malchediael


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Othelu Orrar felt a pleasant breeze roll through Haelun'or, though he knew not the reason.

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Kairn Calithil received a notice about it. 


He flexed an arm with one of his dumbbells, eased against the edge of his chair. He removed a pair of his spectacles and set them on the table. The arm flexed and creased for a moment bulging with rippling muscle. 


Doing as many others have done, he cast the missive into his fireplace. He smirked, "Time to go on a hunt with my family." 

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