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Frequently-Asked Questions

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Frequently-Asked Questions



Have a question? We’ve got answers! 


As an easy and quick place to get answers to commonly asked questions, the Community Team has created this list of questions, as well as their answers, for old and new players alike to reference! 


How do I join the official LotC Discord?
You can join our Discord here!


How do I get verified in the Lotc discord?
To get verified, run the command /Freja sync Discord while in-game on the server. Do know that you need to be whitelisted in order to run this command.


Who is on staff?
To check our staff roster, head here!


How do I get whitelisted?
To get whitelisted, apply here!


How long does it take till I am whitelisted?
It typically takes about 1-3 days for your application to be reviewed. It may take slightly longer if your application is set on “Pending” or “Denied”. 


How can I get a server-appropriate skin?
For free to use skins, or examples of “standard quality” skins, check out the server’s Skin Archive here


You can also request a custom skin in the channel named #new-player-skin-requests in the LotC Discord! 


How do I earn money?
The in-game currency is Minas. The fastest and easiest way to get it is through voting by doing /vote in-game. You could also get a job in Roleplay by visiting settlements and asking around! Many settlements offer jobs in their tavern, guard force, stewardry, and more!


What settlements/groups are there?
As this server is very diverse with various niches being fulfilled throughout the server, there is an endless number of groups you can join! For a list of the different nations on the server, check here. 


As for the different groups and guilds within the server, you can find them through roleplay, in the #rp-groups channel in the main LotC Discord Server, or under the Guilds sub-forum here


How do I buy a house?
You can contact a steward of whatever place you’re choosing to settle in and they can help you out! If you’re not sure who is or isn’t a steward, you could always ask around in Roleplay, ask in the LotC Discord, or you can join their Discord server and ask! 


Where and how can I build? 
You can build wherever you have permission to! To get perms in a region, run the command /rg info [tile name], then scroll up. Under “Owners” you can message whoever’s name is in green and they can help you out! 


*If you don’t know the tile name of the region, you can also do /rg info while standing in the region and it’ll tell you the name! 


How do I get materials and what is Vortex? 
Materials can be gathered throughout the world on the server using a custom-plugin on LotC named Vortex. 


Vortex is a mechanical plugin made specifically for the server to create a more interactive way of gathering materials. This plugin facilitates the collection of resources and materials, which can range from building blocks to roleplay items; including server-implemented weapons and tools.


For a basic guide on how to get started with Vortex, check out this link here


When do I get a second persona slot?
You can get a second persona slot once you no longer have the “New Player” tag! 


I still have the new player tag! How do I get rid of it?
Your new player tag will go away automatically with 20 hours of active playtime, which you can check by doing /persona time. If you want to get it removed early or it doesn’t update after 20 hours, you can also make a /creq in-game.


If you choose to have your new-player tag removed early, keep in mind the benefits you would be losing. You’ll be hungry more often and need more food, players will be easier on you if you might break a small rule, and moderation/staff will be a bit easier on you as well as a new player. Though, in the end, the early change is up to you! 


Do I have to apply again to make another character? How do I make a new character? 
Nope! To make a second character, do /menu or /me while in-game. From there you’ll see a head in the bottom left that will tell you all the instructions you need! 


I accidentally selected the wrong race when making a new persona, how do I change it to the correct one? 
You can either PK the persona slot and remake it, or you can make a /modreq and ask them to help you out! 


What is a PK and when do I have to do it?
A PK is a permanent kill, which means that your character cannot come back to life. This will only occur if one of the following things happens:

  • You decide to PK your character. 
  • Your character kills themselves. 
  • Your character addresses that they will be brought back to life by the monks in roleplay. 
  • A Moderator asks you to PK, which is usually done when a rule has been broken concerning character death.


How do I learn magic?
You must find a teacher through roleplay. 


Can my character be a villain/evil/kill people? 
Your character can be a villain/evil or kill people as long as you follow the server rules


Can I PVP on the server?
You can PVP on the server to settle conflicts, but you must follow all conflict rules, which are found here


Does my horse TP with me when I use my soul stone?
Yes, your horse will teleport with you when you use a Soulstone or a ferry! Keep in mind they can not go through Travel Hub warp signs though. 


How do I get edit tokens, and how do I use them?
To get edit tokens, you can either vote or you can get some as a VIP perk! To see how many edit tokens you have, just run the command /edit tokens


To use the edit tokens, you must be holding the item you want to edit. Once you’ve done this, type /edit, and various options will appear for you to use. For a full list of available edit token commands, simply type /edit and then enter and the options will appear in a list in chat! 


Where can I file a report?
For the general need of a moderator- such as for rule-breakers or someone to mediate conflict- you can always make a /modreq in-game, or ping/message a moderator in the LotC Discord. For more serious issues, you can also file a report here: 
For Public Reports:


For Private Reports:


Can I AFK within the server?
You may not AFK within the server. If you have to step away, you can either log off the server for the time, or you can join the server lobby by running the command /lobby(1, 2, 3) while in-game. 


I'm stuck in the lobby / I can't log on!
Check to see if you're on version 1.15.2. If you are on 1.15.2 and still cannot log on, reach out to a Community Team Member on the forums or Discord. Sometimes it can help to join through the server lobby too. The IP is lobby.lotc.co, from there just do /main


I'm lost/stuck in-game!
If you get lost or stuck, feel free to run this command: /creq [what you need help with], which will send a request for a Community Team member to come help.




Still need help? Feel free to contact a staff member via the forums, Discord, or you can use the command /creq in-game and a staff member can help you out there!  



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