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[!] Flyers would be pasted throughout Sutica's capital.


"Tea with your peers on a fine afternoon whilst gardening, chatting and laughing!"

Pin by Enna Hoppinstomper on A Spot of Tea | Victorian tea party, Tea party  garden, Tea art

[!] A painting of a group of people enjoying tea amongst the flowers of a beautiful garden.


"Tea will be served among all participating persons in the capital of Sutica, taking place within the month of Snow's Maiden, on the 17th day. If you are keen to join, leave a response below on the attached list and Vivian Maelstorm will make a note to save a spot for you. If you've any dietary restrictions, please meet with me beforehand so that we may add snacks that will benefit you and your restrictions. Wear something you do not mind getting dirty, as we will be doing quite a bit of gardening and beautification amongst the city."


[!] Added below is a list, allowing for people to add their names! How thoughtful.


"I hope to see many new and familiar faces amongst those who wish to join."




This event is a small player base one, rather than a Festival.
Time and date of event: Wednesday, April 7th, at 5:30pm EST

So that I can figure out who all is coming and what I need to set aside or create for RP, please refer to this google form!


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Cale Scanning every inch of the flyer, talking to him self he said "Guess, I should go. Got nothing better to do." he said Folding the flyer, putting it into his back pocket. 

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Athri heard word of this, debated for a couple minutes, then shook her head.

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The Elvenesse Tea Lady Establishment scribe their response. “We will be delighted to attend.” Is written in fine cursive. 

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