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Discord name (PM if you wish): Done

Nation Type: Kingdom

Are you in the Elraic Empire? (If so state in what way you're a sub-region of the empire - client kingdom, appointed/hereditary governor, military order, etc): No (Unless you think it would be interesting)

Nation Race: Human



The Kingdom of Ratae




The Colony


‘The archives do speak of a colony, ‘Ratae Corieltauvorum’ or so it was then… Perhaps they used to be of Elraic? It matters not, they diverged an age ago.’


Over one score year, two centuries ago, waves of colonists settled the coasts of Ratae Corieltauvorum. Emerald seas; golden sands; and plentiful harvests, Ratae was the poster child of colonial life for the citizens of Elraic. For the initial year, cities were built and land parcelled as civilisation came to their shores. Five primary coloniae dominated the area, the modern cities of Tiranmia, Etrinal, Itona, Gasonia, and the capital Atran.


The land, while fertile, proved difficult to dislodge from the tribal locals, the Corielta. Evil winds and strange news slowly drifted back to the empire as these tribes fought for the land they historically inhabited. This came to a head four years after the establishment of Ratae, when the colonial legions marched on campaign to weed out the Corielta themselves. Villages were massacred, families scattered and the land given to the colonists, with dire consequences to follow.


The Fall


‘Ah yes here, the Empire abandoned the colonies once they stopped being economically viable. Shame, they originally had such potential.’


It started slowly, a creeping sense of unease and dread that draped over the colonies. Fields slowly started to fail to blight, animals were born with malformities, strange stories drifted out of the outlying hamlets. Interest in the colonies slowly dulled down as these hardships began to multiply, the remaining colonists persevering in the increasingly dire straits. 

Figures started to appear at the edge of the colonies, strange wraiths that haunted the steadings. The first plague swept through the colonies like the reaper himself collecting the dead, bodies piling upon the road side. The support from the Empire was strong in those days, the depths of the aid greatly alleviated the suffering from what was seen as a ‘one off’. This misconception however was challenged only a few years afterwards.

Famine struck, and while support from Elraic again was utilised, a secondary plague hit the colony hard. Fear of the growing disease and aware of the economic impact of the support required over such a long distance, the colonies were abandoned and left to the winds of fate.


The Tyrant


‘We are unsure of his origin, but all we know is that the Tyrant seized control in an iron fist’

As the colonies collapsed around them the faith in Sehula waned, the colonists becoming ever more despairing in their failing state. The piles of the dead began to rise as reports of phatoms stalking the streets of dying city wards began to spread. From the great city of Atran, the capital of the Ratae, a low rumour began to spread that the spirits raised were simply the souls of the dead, willing to return to aid the living. 


Saleric Artenian, a minor functionary and an integrated Corieltan, began to express a new approach to his peers, where Sehula was a false god and can only be replaced with the people themselves. Slowly this cult began to take hold within Atran itself, spread by the zealous followers until Saleric himself ascended. This event is heralded as the beginning of the Kingdom of Ratae, where Saleric declared himself Rex. The colonial government attempted to resist this coup, wherein the souls of the dead inhabited the bodies of the dead, rising up to protect their new lord.


A long and bloody crusade took place over the next decade, Rex Artenian solidifying his position in the colonies. Over the next two centuries, the kingdom remained insular, developing their society to integrate the new beliefs and the role of undead within. Now however, the Ratae are awakening, ready to march into the jungles to claim new lands.

The Kingdom


Unique Point of Interest (Unique "wonder" building/location/artefact, natural or otherwise, that will confer a small bonus TBD): 

The Great Necropolis - The main resting place of the Firantir people, while also being the focus of the Keepers, is a sprawling city-graveyard. Shambling undead, serious Keepers, the city-grave is a sombre sight for those not used to the Firantir. 


Dramatis Personae


Rex Saleric Artenian I [Boneweaver Mage]

Dux Aranthir Elerar [Veil Walker Mage]

Princeps Tirmanith Artenian [General]


Magic of Ratae

Primary Magic: Boneweavers [Necromancy]

Secondary Magic: Veil Walkers [Necromancy]






((I know this needs a little bit of expanding))


I will Boink you



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Discord name (PM if you wish): Mr. Based

Nation Type: Character. 
Nation Flag (optional): 


File:Gray flag waving.png - Wikimedia Commons



Nation Name: Vâs the Mistreaver


Are you in the Elraic Empire?: I will often penetrate the Empire, yes.

Character: Vâs is a creature of myth, a being that has lingered upon the edges of human lore for over a century. Nothing is known of his origin, or why he does what he does. All that is known is that he seems to hunt ancient, rare artifacts and relics above all else, and holds an affinity for esoteric or forbidden knowledge. Legends say that he searches for something, always hungering after an item... Some myths say it is a sword of great power, others that he seeks the sorcerors stone, to quench his lust for gold, yet other myths say that he seeks a way to achieve immortality.


In the end, no one knows. But all sailors know to fear the nights of sudden mist, when the fog is so thick that one would not hear the rustle of sails until it was upon them. And in some cultures, sailors will buy trinkets before their voyages, so that they may earn the Reaver's mercy. For it is said that upon the night of the full moon, should the Reaver hunt his prey, he may find enough mercy within his twisted soul to spare those who have fought with bravery... Or perhaps it is but another myth.


Myths about the Reaver often speak of his ship, the Penitent Queenand it's grey sails and tragic figurehead, that of a weeping queen crowned in gold with eyes of obsidian. They speak of the thunder that comes with its attacks, and the way in which it melts away, evading even the most determined of pursuits.




Character History: Unknown.


Character Race: Demigod.


Special Characters (Up to 3, generals/mages/agents may be added or included if purchased with starting funds): 

Mr Krabs, First Mate: The Mistreaver's mighty right... claw... Mr Krabs was once a wealthy tavern owner in a small sea-side village. During one of the Reavers raids, Mr Krabs took a place within the crew in exchange for his life and with him went the recipe for his famously delicious meal. Over time, he became a loyal First Mate, warped by the dangerous magics of the Mistreaver's Curse, he now has hard, red armor on much of his body and one of his hands has been replaced by a large crab claw. Mr Krabs cuts a massive figure. Extremely resilient to damage and enormously strong, he is however slow.


Osc-art - Brachyura Lupus Sapiens



The Mimic: The Mimic always hides beneath a deep cloak and seems to shun any sort of touch. He is the Mistreaver's voice on land, speaking in his stead. In a quiet, hissing and sibilant voice. He seems to be able to appear most everywhere, and disappear just as easily. 



The Shark, Archaroth: A vicious creature more shark than man, he hunts the open seas and scouts for the Mistreaver. Often, he will be found in the water during battles, ripping apart any sailor unfortunate enough to fall into the sea. A near-mindless creature, only Vâs has any control over him, and even his grip upon the raging creature is tenuous. 


Primary Magic: Meteomancy / Storm Singers

Secondary Magic: Stygian Arts / The Boundless Chains


Unique Point of Interest (Unique "wonder" building/location/artefact, natural or otherwise, that will confer a small bonus TBD): 


The Isle of Judas




Once, the island was the home of a thriving, ancient culture. Now, it is a shard of stone sticking out of a tormented and mist-stitched sea within which cruel currents and ruthless rocks who guard its secrets jealously. Some legends say that the souls of the thousands that the Mistreaver killed upon this island now haunt its waters, tormented by their fate and turned into vengeful ghosts which lead ships astray.


No one knows where the Isle lies, nor what secrets remain buried within it. All that is known is that within its ruins, the Mistreaver has piled all the gold, jewels and artifacts of power that he has collected over the decades or centuries of his existence. Unbelievable wealth waits for those who would brave its cursed shores, and find that which lies within.



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Discord name (PM if you wish):



Nation Type:



Nation Flag (optional):

To be made.


Nation Name:

Amphitryon Kingdom 


Are you in the Elraic Empire?



Nation Culture (Brief description):

A hardy people hailing from rougher terrains, the Amphitryons are known for their strength and stoicism. They claim this toughness from the earth and metal they have shifted and bent for as long as most can remember, even going back to when the Amphitryons were nothing but clashing geomancers hurling stone and steel at one another. The language spoken in this small part of the world is eerily similar to that of the Empire, yet so foreign to any Elraic citizen. The people themselves share features countless Elraic people claim too, yet the familiarity is only there to an extent before it changes back to that disturbing foriegn feeling. The official religion of the state however, couldn’t be more different from their sun worshipping neighbors. The Amphitryons worship the God of Earth; Artemios. Their religion is open to most who will accept it, and plays a fair part in the lives of most. It is he who blesses them with their powers and created all beings from the clay of his work. It is prophesied that Artemios’ chosen King will come and bring all to heel. The earth and her gifts will belong to it’s true inheritors, those who bend her gifts and appreciate their value.


Nation History:

Amphitryons are said to have fled from the early Elriac Empire after some persecution from fanatics due to their geomantic powers being seen as too much of an obscurity -This story is debated-. Regardless of their true origin, they settled into a mighty mountain range and its surrounding landscapes, for not only natural protection from their persecutors, but also comfort. For a period of time not named by the Amphitryons (or simply not wanting to be remembered), there was some divide between the people. Many rocks were thrown and much blood was shed. This was all put to an end by the first king of the Amphitryons. He, according to legend, smashed in the head of all opposing clan leaders in single combat. During the wake of this immense suffering he was proclaimed king of all Amphitryons unanimously. He then ordered for all to come together and build a great city of stone and metal which was erected at the heart of their mountains. To this day the city still stands strong, and many more were built before his inevitable passing.  Peace between Amphitryons still rings true and century after century, and king after king, all flourishes. More mountains and land have been claimed, and continue to be claimed. Relations with neighboring nations are shaky at best but such are the times and current state of the world. A new king rises to the Stone Throne however. A figure of immense raw geomantic. Perhaps it is he that’s spoken of in the prophecies of old. Only time will tell.


Nation Race:



Special Characters:

King Lysander, 22

General Doreios, 35


Primary Magic:



Secondary Magic:



Unique Point of Interest:
The mighty Akmagoron mountains. These mountains have protected the Amphitryon Kingdom for many, many centuries. Temples of worship dot the sides of them like freckles would a person’s face. They provide beautiful scenery, protection, and most importantly resources… (TBD Bonus.)

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