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The Great Easter Egg Hunt


 Welcome to our newest community event, where you will spend Easter hunting down eggs and finding unique prizes coming with each egg. This event will begin as soon as this post is up on Sunday, April 4th, and it will continue until every last egg has been found using the following hints. 




[!] In the deep cold night, when almost all were asleep a door went open and an individual stepped out. A shiver went down his spine as he stepped outside. Carrying a small basket full of golden eggs, the man seemed to have some trouble carrying the weight of them. He then went on his way visiting all across the realm, hiding the eggs. When the morning came closer the man also pinned some papers on notice boards all across the realm, announcing his particular event. In the papers one could read the following: “Dear denizens of Almaris, I have spread out 12 golden eggs across the realm and I invite you all to go and look for them. Upon finding one you can decide to keep it for your own use, or return the egg to me in order to receive a reward. The hints for these egg locations can be found below. Happy searching, and may luck find you today.” 




1. In an old, torn tent where the Kha once rested, wooden walls defend this egg.

2. Flags at a crossroad of red and yellow mix with the colors of gray and orange. In a broken stone tower on the outskirts of a humble village, the next egg is found.

3. In a lush desert oasis, in a place where children play, the egg hides beneath the bridge.

4. Somewhere high up in the air, where the journey begins and a peaceful aura surrounds you, there lays the egg near the fire. 

5. Near the boat that brings one to Silver, in the direction of the light the egg could be found. But make no mistake, it is closer than you might think.

6. In the bare cold of the north, hanging high on top of there where one gathers food the egg would be found.

7. Halfway through the sinkhole that houses one of the races, near the mountains in the East near the trees, the eggs can be found.

8. Up up we go, up to the light that helps sailors back to shore, in a port town where the Li-Ren once lived. 

9. Time flies by as we climb to the rhythm of the tik tok tik tok. In the lands of the dwarves but not in the capital. 

10. A statue that looms over new beginnings and  twiggie soup! 

11. At the bridge which leads to the inner sanctum of the seaside crown.

12. By a small village’s iconic farmland and a home which is shared by the small and large alike.




Once you find an egg, please make a /creq in-game at the location, and a CT member will come to verify that you did find the egg and give you your prize! Each time an egg is found, it will be announced as a reaction on this post and the egg will be removed. This way you know what eggs are still out there and which have been found already. Each egg can only be found once. Upon making a /creq you will get a golden egg item. Within the timespan of a week after date of this post you can make a /creq or DM snoopie12#8195 to trade these eggs for actual prizes. This includes a mina reward per egg and a seasonable banner. 


If you have any questions, please let me or another CT member know, and happy Easter!



The Eggs


Each of the eggs will be a golden egg head with a sealantern directly underneath it. For a reference, look at the below picture. Ensure that if you think you’ve found an egg, it looks like this. Any attempt to forge a fake egg will be noticed immediately as we have the coordinates noted down of all real eggs. 






Special thanks to the Community Events Team for working on this project!




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Number 5 has been found!

Number 4 has been found!

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that's pretty egg

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Number 11 has been found!

Numbers 3 & 9 have been found!

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Number 2 as well

Number 12 as well

Number 1 has been found

Number 8 has been found

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A new hint for number 7!!!: In a small town, close to dwarves. filled with catpeople and alike.

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Number 7 has been found! and with that the easter event is to an end!!!! Thank you all for participating!!


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