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Athri Onfroi Belrose stood alone in the woods, for it was the only place of solitude she knew of.

She wiped her face of sweat as she stood, continuing her trek afterwards.


As the elfess looked around, her eyes saw unfamiliar areas among the lush green.

Small critters ran across the ground, which Athri hastily avoided stepping on.

Just simple and small things like mice and bugs, all she gave a chance to continue.


She’d keep going, her destination unknown.


Eyes shut as she rested after a while, and memories she wished she could forget raced around her mind.


A door breaking, being split apart.

A woman ushering her upstairs, locking her in her room.

The shout of the woman.

Metal clanging against metal.

And then silence.

A deed done so quickly, with no time to process it.


And the locked door being opened with small, pale hands.

Blue eyes darting around at the area, making sure it was safe.

A young girl with silver hair going downstairs.

Blood upon the wall, the fire dying.

The little elf continued down the stairs, and her mother was there.

Barely alive, a red blindfold upon her face.


The blindfold taken off, given to the girl.

The girl hugging her mother once more, tears streaming down her face.

“I love you, my little serpent.”

And then the woman took her last breath, from a fatal wound in her stomach.

The child broke down, but then wiped her face.

She’d look around the house, taking items she deemed valuable.

A bag of knives, a ring, and the crimson blindfold.


And she would continue on. Off south, to her brother.

A brother that would soon leave her too.


And there, Athri sat in the middle of nowhere, tears streaming down her face just as they had so many years ago.

For nearly fifty years ago her mother had died.

And it was only now that the little serpent truly had the solitude to cry.




Just a nice, kinda sappy little post for my first characters death anniversary. Kinda morbid lmao.


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