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The Cookie Crumb Bakery Celebratory Opening!

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Celebratory 614 SR Elder Elections Opening!

Menu, Week 3

(OOC opening time: Monday 5th April, 6:15pm EST/11:15pm GMT - 7:15pm EST/00:15pm GMT)


The bakery will be opening to celebrate the election of 3 new Elders, shortly after they are announced this 614 Shire Reckoning!

A few treats have been prepared especially for this event.


   ftu | tiny coffee


Almond's Joy Cake ➢ Almond sponge cake with glacé cherries and a gooey marzipan centre

Raspberry & White Choc Blondies ➢ Vanilla brownies with chunks of white chocolate and raspberries

ftu | tiny coffee


Egg Custard Tart ➢ Egg custard tart with almond shortcrust
Party Rings ➢ Crunchy, miniature sugary iced cookies
Rainbow Cookie ➢ Soft vanilla cookie with chocolate chunks in colourful sugar casings
S'mores Cheesecake Cup ➢ Layers of crumbled cookie, whipped marshmallow and chocolate cheesecake

ftu | tiny coffee


Brambleberry Smoothie ➢ Smoothie with mixed berries and 1/4 banana



The Cookie Crumb Bakery, 3. Cherry Lane, Bramblebury



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-Whichever halfling I decide to come as- prepares to Get Baked.


Also: Party Rings are the Elite Biscuit


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