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Kerraline Goodbarrel & Onelia Peregrin approached the small maple wood box sat by the village noticeboard, as the two halfling elders gently pulled the lid off the box, beginning to count the votes. Soon, a flyer would be posted to the noticeboard, with additional copies around Bramblebury!


Elections of 1814 Results


With the end of the elections comes a new bunch of Elders! I’m happy to have served our lovely village for the past eight years, but it is time for Onelia and I to step down, and for our new Elders to begin leading our village to prosperity.


We had a tie between Mr. Applebottom and Mr. Applefoot, which was broken by a tiebreaker--a simple vote between our High Pumplar, and our two present Elders, and Mr. Applebottom won the vote.



New Elders

The 3 halflings who have won the elections.

Greta Goodbarrel, with 15 votes.

James Peregrin, with 13 votes.

Jordan Applebottom, with 12 votes.


Former Elders

The 4 halflings that have served this term.

Burt Hassenfort, who had to retire due to illness.

Isalie Gardner, who retired to be with her family.

Kerraline Goodbarrel, who retired at the end of her term.

Onelia Peregrin, who retired at the end of her term.


Other Candidates

Other halflings who ran for Elder.

Filibert Applefoot, with 12 votes.

Winter Gardner, with 8 votes.



The wee individual who protects the village and keeps things proper.

Meemaw Applebottom, who has been formally challenged by Anne Gardner. Soon, we will see who our sheriff shall be for the coming years!

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"RIGGED!" exclaims Filibert Applefoot

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"**** i' up James ayyyyyy!"

Sorrel R' Peregrin cheers upon reading the notice. "Meh condolences t' Filiber' though."

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Magni Irongut storms off Bramblebury as he sees the results of the elections "Someone must've tampered with t'e ballots!" he'd call out as he left the Cookie Crumb Bakery in a rush.

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Ambassador Camilla Katerine of Greyspine smiles as she reads about the Election results. "How lovely! Ea can nie wait va work with them." she then takes another scoop of her S'mores Cheesecake Cup, closing her eyes and enjoying the glorious taste.

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Greta beams as she reads over her name and the generous number of votes next to it. As she reads about the tie between Filibert and Jordan, however, her face falls. "Oh lord... he's going to throw a fit over this, isn't he?"

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Perry seems bored, "When are t'e fire election chief resul's gon' be announce'?"

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A usually anxious halfling reads the results of the election, very happy to see them.

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