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A poem created for and read during the recent event that took place within the palace gardens of Haense.






The days, they grow long.


The air, it has a small nip to it.


Flowers bloom and the grass grows.


Red roses and poppies, yellow marigolds and dandelions.


Bushes of green with small black berries hidden throughout.


Children running around gardens and playing tag,


Finally getting out after the cold winter that they were cooped up during.


As the snow melts only slightly, one day returning.


The sun beams, with a radiant smile.


It shines down upon citizens, warming both their bodies and minds.


As we return to the flowers, that fill the air with sweetness.


Their colors so vibrant, yet their bodies so delicate.


And as each petal falls when the warm seasons end.


Their beauty can only be awaited.


Just small thoughts during the months of cold.


As children and adults stand by for the sun to smile once more.


Signed, Mirabella Violet, Court Poet of Haense    


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