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The Wahg Band of the War Nation of Krugmar



The Warband and Military of the War Nation of Krugmar. It is a vital part of orcish society and most orcs - if not all - participate. For an orc not to be enlisted is a huge dishonor and an insult to his/her strength.




Supreme authority of the Krughai and Keshig alike. The Rex oversees the Krughai but gives the Targoth the autonomy to control the Krughai.



General and primary overseer of the Krughai. They are typically a particularly battle-hardened and strategically astute Uruk, who is tasked with appointing Warbosses, formulating plans, offering strategic advice and leading the Krughai into battle. Large scale war games and nation-wide training sessions are also organized by the Targoth personally. The Targoth’s orders should be listened to and obeyed.



The waghboss’ responsibilities lie mostly helping the Targoth oversee the vast Krughai. Warbosses have proven their strength in battle, but also strategic genius. They oversee the Krughai and by doing so they  host training, lead raids, and referee sparring to ensure that a murderous outcome does not occur. Discipline also remains in the grasp of Waghbosses; they have the ability to dole out punishment as they deem fit.



Tasked with bearing the banner of the Uzg in battle is a highly honorable role. Only the most esteemed warriors are picked to rise to Flagbearer. It is the highest honor to achieve in the Krughai with the exception of Officers or the Keshig. They often serve as a right hand man to the Warbosses. 



 The primary brunt of the Krughai - the cavalry, infantrymen and archers of the Uzg’s military. They should be well trained and up to Krughai standard to rise to this rank. After years of hardy service they - if the Targoth decrees it - may be granted the opportunity of succeeding to Flagbearer.


Unskilled and seasoned soldiers alike, the Grunts are the main brunt of the Krughai, with cavalry, infantry and archers of various degrees of skills encompassed within the rank.





Protecting the Goi and Krugmar is any way, shape, or form. The Krughai should always be prepared to respond quickly and efficiently in times of need. The Krughai are also tasked with guarding the Rex, and other missions that the Rex or Targoth may order. 





The Keshig is an elite warrior squadron of the Krughai reserved for those who are the most capable and loyal. The Keshig strike fear into the hearts of the enemies with their savagery and prowess on the battlefield. Their role and duty is to serve the Rex and the Rex alone. The Commander of the Keshig is the Targoth himself, who takes orders directly from the Rex when it regards the Keshig. Whilst they maintain their clan names and status within their respective clans, they are no longer obligated to follow their clan Chief for they only person with the authority to command them is the Rex himself. They work as his personal guard unit and escort, accompanying him as his general entourage and complete secret missions that are often not revealed to the rest of the Warnation. Being a Keshig is the highest honour a warrior can receive as he would have had to have proven himself to the Rex immensely before being granted the opportunity. As the Keshig are unique and loyal to the Rex, Rex's do not inherit the previous Orcs Keshig.




To enlist within the Krughai, you must approach either the Rex, Targoth, or Warboss to join. Once filling out the basic application, you will be added to a roster.  There are some criteria before joining that you must meet: live in Krugmar.


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1 word, BASED

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This sounds great!

...When do we start?

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