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[General Lore] Voidal Clarity Post

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Objects Relevant to the Void


Voidal Tears

Instruments typically created by magi as a constant tap to the void, these are typically small scale and do not leave too much taint in the material realm less for the vicinity around the tear.


Voidal Monoliths and Heaths

Voidal heaths are entire biomes and regions of voidal taint caused by Monoliths strange and obscure objects which can lead to the distortion of the environment around them. This typically causes both fauna and flora to go awry and become voidally tainted and transformed.


Causes and Dangers of Disturbances

Truth be told, large-scale destruction caused by voidal influence is rare; the veil acts as a constant barrier that separates the material realm to the entropic realm of the void. Magi - and a multitude at that - can only really cause temporary disturbances or create ‘taps’ such as voidal tears for their arcane practices. The veil itself is typically self-healing and therefore the only type of permanent breach could potentially be a voidal monolith, though even then those can be fickle at times.


An Individual’s Arcana

Descendants capable of spellcraft typically find themselves weakened through consistent use of the void. This is typically due to the consistent use of expending their mana and using their body as a channel for voidal energy.


When a mage crafts a spell, they use the void as a blank canvas and exchange their active mana as a form of transaction to draw energy from the void in the shape of their spell. Thus when the mana is taken away - typically leading to their exhaustion - they are also channelling and creating a tap to the void of which they are the source of, leading to their poisoning.



There is a typical belief that simple casting of voidal arts (i.e. evocations) can create unintentional damage on the environment around the caster, this idea is false. Truth be told a group of magi can create damaging structures such as voidal tears, or perhaps ancient magi know of rituals that they work alongside other malicious or insane wizards to create tears or bring forth monoliths, but magi on their own do not create any harm to the environment around them.


Fauna and Flora typically hold a natural and almost innate disdain for voidal use which is typically why there are natural clearings of both around areas where magi are common - birds flying away during casting or perhaps over the span of time grass begins to naturally recede away from an area.


Reasoning for the post

Disconnect between lore:




Previous Lore from The States of Mana and General Lore on Voidal Connection suggest a slight disconnect on how spells are created from the void (See below for three excerpts showing a slight disconnect from how the two lore see magic is created).


An Excerpt from Voidal Connection

Most mortals may maintain a moderately sized mana pool which they draw upon each time they cast Voidal Magic, sapping their own energy in return for the mana drawn to form the spell.


An Excerpt from States of Mana

On passive mana:

Souls can only directly manipulate passive mana produced by themselves. If passive mana is produced by a soul, that soul can convert it into active mana. Thus, a ‘mana pool’ is how much passive mana a soul has produced.


On active mana:

This is passive mana that has been given a task, and is thus active. All magics use active mana, and active mana is used to fuel all sorts of magical actions


Detail on the disconnect:

One lore suggests that descendants draw mana from the void using their energy, whilst the other suggests that they draw energy from the void with mana.




Other Reasoning

Personally it’s been quite tricky to pin down what exactly the level of damage a voidal mage can cause or has caused, and this post aims to set some standards, both helping the community and the event team. Plus it could provide further roleplay insight into how to use the void, as a mage might cause birds or loose animals to feel uncomfortable as they cast, or perhaps the flora around their home might recede.





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