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[Magic Lore Addition] The Golem Lexicon

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The Lexicon


A Lexicon being activated by its user




     Deep within the southern wastes of the Almaris Realm, the Grand Kingdom of Urguan discovered the ruins of an Ancient Dwarven creation unlike anything seen before. A golem colossus, a term coined by the current golemancers of the nation, was a construct created by the ancient masters of the art, individuals whose power and skill are unmatched by the practitioners of today. The craftsmanship and expertise of these ancients, however, did not stop simply at the colossus. Metal golems faster than men, technological hybrids of golemancy and mana, a moving picture of an ancient dwed, these feats are ones the golemancers of today would be unable to remake.

      This moving image, however, was an inspiration to the Masters who witnessed its abilities. While pictures could not be recorded as seen at the colossus, today’s golems are already capable of capturing and playing back sound through their basic sigils. If this ability already existed, why could it not be condensed onto a platform smaller than a hulking golem? 

     Through trial and error, the golemancers had realized that the sigils already used on a basic golem could be placed on a much smaller surface, something capable of fitting into one’s hand. By fashioning a cover over a golem core, one could use the device, coined ‘The Lexicon’, to record information to later be played back and documented. This tool would eliminate the need for constant book and quill documentation, a problem frequently troubling the scholars making up a majority of the Dwarven masters at the time. With this tool, the golemantic arts would be expanded into a realm beyond the simple creation of constructs, and into one of public benefit capable of being used by any individual. 


Magic Explanation


     The Lexicon is a golemantic tool created using pre-existing golem lore. This recording box utilizes a basic golem core, along with the hearing, speaking, memory, and activation sigils, all of which are basic components of every golem. This creation is powered identically to that of a golem, with a thanhic core powering all the sigils chiseled onto the creation. The Lexicon itself is a small cube capable of fitting in one’s hands, and consists of a box (made of accepted golem materials) housing the basic golem core. On the outer box, 2 hearing and 2 speaking sigils would be carved into its faces, with each doing as their name implies. On the core itself, similar to a basic golem core, memory sigils would be carved to ‘memorize’ the audio it picks up through its hearing sigils. Despite the similarity, the typical 1 memory sigil would instead be 4 memory sigils inscribed onto the core, with the other two faces left blank (one of which will temporarily house the activation sigil).

     Once the activation sigil would be carved and the Lexicon activated, the activation sigil would disappear and the cube would be  considered active. To properly function, the creator of the lexicon will need to set words for ‘On’, ‘Off’, and ‘Playback’. When off, the cube would show no signs of even holding any magic, and instead would look like a decorative box. When activated with the ‘On’ command, the Lexicon would glow bright enough for the eye to see (yet not bright enough to illuminate a room). Once turned on, the Lexicon will begin recording to its memory sigils everything it hears, so long as it is above a whisper tone. When the ‘Playback’ command is given, the memory sigils will release the dialogue out through its speaking sigils, allowing the Lexicon’s user and any around it to hear the previously recorded information. Due to this being a golemantic creation, the ‘voice’ of the Lexicon is extremely crude. Listeners will be able to make out the words, but no separate voices can be distinguished from the monotone recording. Individuals can stop the playback at any time by turning off the Lexicon with the ‘Off’ command. The dialogue housed in the cube, however, is temporary, and exists on the memory sigils only until a new group of audio is recorded. This means that once someone begins recording again after stopping, the memory sigil wipes its previous knowledge and will no longer have access to the previously recorded information.

     Due to the Lexicon being created using basic golemantic lore, any golemancer would be able to make the craft simply by hearing of its existence. No further teaching is required to understand how it works.




Turning On:

     Description: Turning on the Lexicon is what is required to start recording, or enable the ability to playback previously recorded audio. When turned on, the cube would dimly glow, enough for anyone around the item to be able to see.

     Mechanics: To turn on the Lexicon, two emotes are required. The first is speaking the chosen word for the ‘Turn On’ command, and the second would be the Lexicon itself powering up.

          Emote 1: The Man would hold up the Lexicon within his hands, speaking the word [chosen On command word] loud enough for its sigils to detect.

          Emote 2: [!] The Lexicon would then begin to dimly glow, the blueish light pouring out of the cube through its carved outer faces. With the glow being visible, the Lexicon would now be on.


  • The ‘Turn On’ command word must be spoken in quiet or louder. Whisper is too soft for the sigils to pick up and properly register.

  • The original color of the glow is blueish white due to the thanhium powering the device. The color can be changed by using a transparent colored surface on the outer box, such as stained glass.


Turning Off:

     Description: Turning off the Lexicon is a command which completely halts all recording or playback from the device. Despite this, the cube will still be ‘passively’ listening for the ‘Turn On’ command, yet will not be recording any information during that time. To know it is fully off, the glow would have faded completely, making the Lexicon look simply like a decorative box.

     Mechanics: To turn off the Lexicon, two emotes are required. The first is speaking the chosen ‘Turn Off’ command, and the second would the Lexicon itself powering down.

          Emote 1: The Man would hold up the Lexicon with his hands, speaking the word [chosen Off command word] loud enough for its sigils to  detect.

          Emote 2: The Lexicon’s glow would then begin to fade until completely dark, signaling that the device would now be off.


  • The ‘Turn Off’ command word must be spoken in quiet or louder. Whisper is too soft for the sigils to pick up and properly register.

  • While the Lexicon will continue to passively listen for programmed command words, it will not record any information whilst off.



     Description: Serving as the Lexicon’s default task, Recording is the passive command followed upon being turned on. The device records audio by intaking through the hearing sigils, and storing the information into the memory sigils, similar to how a golem construct would hear and remember commands. 

     Mechanics: No further emotes are required after turning on the Lexicon, as upon being turned on the device would already be recording. To switch to recording from a playback setting, 2 emotes are required.

          Emote 1: The man would hold up the Lexicon with his hands, speaking the word [chosen On command word] loud enough for the sigil to detect. 

          Emote 2: [!] Upon detection, the device would stop playing back the recorded audio, switching back to its default state.


  • No more than 500 words can be recorded and stored at a time.

  • Once a playback occurs, any further recording will wipe any previously stored information.

  • The hearing sigils cannot pick up information spoken below quiet, therefore making anything in whisper unable to be recorded.

  • Only words can be recorded, not action emotes or random sounds.



     Description: The Playback ability of the Lexicon is the alternative use of the device. When given the ‘Playback’ command, the Lexicon will switch from recording and into its playback mode, where it will read out the information recorded onto the memory sigils through their speaking sigils. This playback will be heard as a monotone voice, meaning individual voices will be indistinguishable.

     Mechanics: To switch from recording to playback, 2 emotes are required.

          Emote 1: The man would hold up the Lexicon with his hands, speaking the word [chosen Playback command word] loud enough for  the sigil to detect.

          Emote 2: [!] Upon detection, the device would begin playing back the recorded audio.


  • Playbacks cannot be forwarded or rewound. Instead, they can only be started and stopped by simply saying the playback command word.

  • No district voices can be heard through the audio, therefore making it impossible to tell who is saying what when listening.

  • Once a playback is switched back to recording and new audio is recorded, all previous information is wiped and will be unreachable.


Red Lines

  • The outer box holding the golem core can only be made of approved golem materials (stone and wood variants, no metals or Ironwood).

  • If the golem core is damaged in any way, the Lexicon will cease to work. Any information saved on the memory sigils will be erased and no longer accessible.

  • The maximum memory capacity of the Lexicon is 500 words. Once 500 is reached, recording will stop.

  • Any damage to the outer box will cause the ability to record and playback to cease, yet all stored information will remain intact. The information can be played back once more upon the core being transferred to a new box.

  • The core is unable to record audio through any barriers (E.g., anything from a wall to a bag).

  • A Lexicon can be used by anyone who knows the programmed command words.


Purpose (OOC)

     The purpose of the Lexicon is to act as a tool for scribes, scholars, diplomats, or any other profession which requires one to memorize or document information. Instead of needing to write everything down in a book and quill or attempt to memorize something, an individual can instead have the dialogue ‘recorded’ to be able to document later. Recording can typically be done through simply taking screenshots of the rp. This tool gives the discussed professions the ability to have a greater variety of items to utilize, and would fall into the ‘slice of life’ category. This tool is not one made for metagaming, as per the strict restrictions I’ve put in place for its operation. The Lexicon gives individuals an ability to properly document events, important dialogue, etc without just looking back through logs oocly and having your persona ‘remember’ everything that was said. Instead, a person can be active in what is going on, and have an rp reason to be able to remember what was said earlier and properly document events. The creation of the Lexicon may also serve as a gateway to expand the golemantic craft into one beyond simple constructs and limbs, and into the field of tools and smaller creations.






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Why has there been so many attempts to add Holocrons too lotc?


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This is claiming to use inspiration from ancient techniques, but it uses lore that irply was only just invented. I'm not sure how I feel about it, but a good general concept. Seems more like a MArt. 

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On 4/9/2021 at 2:59 PM, TimberBuff said:

This is claiming to use inspiration from ancient techniques, but it uses lore that irply was only just invented. I'm not sure how I feel about it, but a good general concept. Seems more like a MArt. 

I was told by the big man himself that it should be an addition. Also, I dont see how using inspiration from something discovered during an event is a bad idea, yet the lore itself isnt irply newly invented. It uses preexisting golem lore that has been around for 5+ years, with the only big change being the switch from calling them runes to sigils.

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literally just a tape recorder.

magitech is okay in some situations but this is just lacking in any sort of flavor or taste imo.


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