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The Attempts Of Assassinations | Father Ivarus

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The Attempts Of Assassinations


Written by: Father Ivarus, Saint Heinrik Basilica, Jorenus Diocese


This is a short letter regarding the recent situations that have happened against men of the Church and it's followers.


Quite recently, many attempts of assassinations have been made on those who are serving God. This is why I call all believers of our Church to stay cautious wherever you are! As the threats are not just made to us, men of God but also against the believers of the Church! These people (The Qalasheen).. who claim to believe in 'God' are in fact believers of Iblees, putting swords on the necks of Priests, and trying to murder all those who do not believe in their deity. Shame on them!


As a victim of an attempted assassination, which had been attempted by one of the Qalasheen folk, this is what they call a ‘Jihad’ also known as a strive to spread their religion in other nations by using horrific violence and acts. This system of beliefs must be stopped, immediately! We can not tolerate such actions to our people who believe in God. Put all your trust in God, as it is he who shall protect you against these heathens and their actions! These people who do such actions against men of the church  must acknowledge God as the supreme being and refuse to believe in their God that they call 'Allah'.


This is why I, Father Ivarus, servant of the Saint Heinrik Basilica of the Jorenus Diocese, warn you for their actions and what risks it may bring with, I shall pray for all of you who are experiencing the same situations..


May God bless and keep all of you and protect you from these situations.


~ Father Ivarus ~



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Supervising Solicitor Darkwood raises his eyebrows at this missive, "You have my word men of God that you find an ally in me, and I will certainly take up arms to defend my brother and sister Canonists"



Deus Vult | Know Your Meme

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Aeonn would read the  missive and set it unto the table in front of his comrades "Seems weve a new kind of monster to slay, for those who worship that which cursed our blood will shed its own as payment for their sinful choice"

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Kelhus Vladimir Othaman would read the missive with a frown "How dare these heretics? We shall make them all pay attacking the church. I shall make them pay not with words but with blood."

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[!] A High-Elf dressed in charcoal and brown leathers, with an obsidian short walking stuck tucked between his elbow reacts to this news, speaking to those around him who might listen

"Good citizens, let us be careful that we do not give into our individual, uncoordinated instincts - let us not be a muscle that reflexively twitches on the command of others, long since has the Empire learned to contain such primal instincts. Be neither like a surprised animal, one that bites every hand that approaches, unsure of who the enemy is. Justice is indeed merited, but we must remember our collective will is in the Imperial State, which is by extension a Holy agent of the Canonist Church - and acting collectively we may wisely ask - Why now? Why against those of the cloth within the Holy Empire itself? Is this the act of a few heretics, or a growing movement that must be put to the heel.

Trust in the state, trust in it to bring light  the deep truths of these events, and that the State shall ultimately - as it always will -  safeguard the faith and its devout adherents.  Examine thoroughly the nature of our assailants. I say our, because an attack against the father is most certainly an attack on all believers of the canonist faith, examine thoroughly this  so that retribution strikes strong and direct so that it may press in double measure against the throat of the enemy of the State, however delayed, instead of providing a quick and satisfying , though ultimately fruitless,  retaliation.

We know lastly, the expedience in which our good State and its fine Ministry of Justice is renown for expeditious and accurate inquiries of justice and thank them for the efforts into this recent tragedy"

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Another piece of paper, worn and wrinkled from the elements is tacked onto the gates outside of Karosgrad.


Lo, though I am but a Voice in the Wilderness, I proclaim to you a time of unbelief and sin. Sin exists not in a vacuum, but like a mold, spreads and ruins all it touches. Sin begets sin, and the sinner will often find that sin is dealt back to them in return. This is as the Lord GOD wills it, for the perpetrator of sin should have trials and tribulations equal to and greater than their own sin, forcing them back to the Lord GOD's embrace, seeking redemption. If you are being sinned against, ask yourself what sin you hold in your own heart.


A mold festers in the Mother Church, corrupting it from within, turning it from its mission. Look no further than the multiple priests who relish and participate in the killings of men and women without trial, some innocent. Look no further than the priest who castigates Canonists who practice magic despite them acting in accordance with the words of the Exalted Owyn. Look no further than the priest who, confronted by his own wrath and sin, banishes faithful men of the Lord GOD from their places of worship.


Lo, though I am but a Voice in the Wilderness, I proclaim to you that the body of believers will not grow while the Church itself is full of mold. Carve out the rot within, so that the Church will grow. Carve out the rot within, and the Lord GOD will cease sending tribulations. Carve out the rot within, and the Lord GOD will give you righteousness.

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