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Bramblebury Laws and Traditions

1815 | 615


As leaders change and time passes, old documents sometimes weather with age. The halfling people have only continued to grow in that time, and so it seems apt that our laws are updated to reflect that.

The Law

  • No murder of any kind will be tolerated in Bramblebury
  • Theft is prohibited in Bramblebury
  • Kidnapping and abduction of any kind is forbidden in Bramblebury
  • No halfling may be held as a slave or unconsenting servant in Bramblebury
  • The halflings of Bramblebury are free to worship whichever gods they please, but may not damage another's wellbeing, burrow, or belongings as part of this worship
  • Locking doors and containers is prohibited in Bramblebury
  • No buildings may be constructed in Bramblebury without the approval of an Elder

The laws of Bramblebury are enforced by the Sheriff. The punishment for breaking a law is at the discretion of the Sheriff, but note that serious crimes or repeated offenses can result in the Council of Elders moving to banish lawbreakers from the village.

The Council can enact a banishment either on its own accord or at the reccomendation of the Sheriff. A banishment can be contested once a year (every seven pumpkin days), whereupon the banished is expected to show the Council any and all amends they have made.


The Traditions

  • All halflings are expected to maintain properness to the best of their ability
  • A halfling should never take the law into their own hands, contact the Elders or Sheriff instead
  • Biggun weapons such as swords and spears should not be used by halflings whenever possible. The shovel is a reccomended alternative, but other farming tools and improvised weapons are permissible
  • Halflings are not to use mina with one another and should instead barter
  • Halflings should not stir any trouble between Bramblebury and foreign nations, nor should they fight their own kind
  • All halflings are expected to provide for their community
  • Halflings should not wear shoes; they are both improper and uncomfortable
  • A halfling should give to their neighbors as their neighbors give to them
  • All halflings are expected to treat Knox, Arugula and other aspects of the traditional halfling religion with respect, even if they do not worship them
  • A halfling should never wear armor within Bramblebury
  • All halflings are expected to replant any crops they harvest from the gardens and fields of Bramblebury
  • All halflings are expected to bathe at least once a week
  • A halfling should never attempt to control another's merrymaking or celebrations unless they are causing harm to others
  • Change is to be welcomed, but tradition respected

The traditions of Bramblebury are expected to be followed by all halflings residing within the village. Though breaking these traditions is not illegal; repeated public offenses that disturb the community may result in the involvement of the Sheriff.

Bramblebury is our home, and all halflings are family to one another. Treat them with the proper respect they deserve, and leave troublemaking to the bigguns.


Originally written 1798 | 598, by:
Iris Peregrin,
Mayor of Bramblebury

Revised 1815 | 615, signed:

Elder of Bramblebury

Ratified 1815 | 615, signed:
Elders of Bramblebury

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