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The Proudfoot Program of Year 19, of the Second Age

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An announcement to the Village of Bramblebury


Written by Sir Malfoy Proudfoot II, The Patriot

9th of Malin's Welcome, Year 19 of the Second Age



[ Art by Flonum ]




I have been roaming the dangerous wilderness of Almaris for almost a decade, now. I have been in the most gruesome battles, against monsters thrice the size of a poor Halfling. I mighn't disclose of the details, most due to the fact that I regained consciousness with little remembrance of what had happened. Alas, I have returned to our beloved home, to claim what had been mine for so long. Malfoy Proudfoot, second of his generation, herewith challenges Anne Cottonwood for their position as Sheriff of the Village of Bramblebury, protector of the Halfling kin and warrior against the dark arts.


Let us rejoice in ancient tradition, where the Halfling populace could roam without care — each valiant stride upon naked feet, unheeded to the vile monstrosities of Valah, Mali and biggun alike. I beg thee, to make the most correct decision in times of trouble and choose Sir Malfoy Proudfoot II as the legitimate Sheriff of the Halfling population. 







" - Oim hath retorned..." Malfoy Proudfoot cleared his throat violently, staring at his announcement in awe of his own feigned accomplishments, eventually hopping towards the forest in glee. He sang for a while, then shouted towards the Moon until he could no longer. A successful evening for the sleep-deprived Halfling.


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Greta blinks as she reads the message posted. She reads it over a couple times before letting out a soft sigh. "With all due to respect to Mr. Proudfoot, if nobody's seen you for that long you're little more than a name in a history book. I think it goes without saying that the protector of the village should be someone who's been roaming about recently. The four year rule doesn't exist without reason."

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Jordan Applebottom regarded such a proclamation with considerable curiosity. Though knowing little of this former Sheriff, the wee boy had been somewhat enraptured by his words.
The boy paused for a moment, his gaze resting on the poster but a moment further, "How curious." The lad stated quite simply, before skittering onwards.

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