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 🌹House de Rosius Seeks Members!🌹

❃ ~✽~ ❃


❃ ~✽~ ❃

Symbol: The Rose accurately represents the members of  the House de Rosius 

 as the motto suggests they are "Beautiful and Dangerous" like the flower itself.


History: The Rosius' are an upper-middle class family of Auverge decent. Based

in Providence, many members involve themselves but are not limited to Orenian

Politics and the Ministries of Justice, Treasury, and Interior. The members vary

in the means of looks but mostly have brown hair, green, blue, grey, or amber eyes.

Although the House had a rough upbringing  like extreme poverty, the death of 

Abolios de Rosius, the loss of their parents Sophia and Marcus de Rosius. They 

have truly made the most of such horrible conditions and plan to expand their

influence all over Oren and beyond. Join us in this effort and enjoy some A tier


❃ ~✽~ ❃

The list of current members is as follows :

Role: Name in Game, Minecraft Username, LOTC Profile, Brief Description


Previous Head of House: Valent de Rosius, (Valecius) @Valecius. Valent, divorced, Male. Passed Away

Attorney General of the Ministry of Justice (Head of all Crown Solicitors), Alderman, Undersecretary of the Treasury, Clerk of Providence.


Heir of House: Otis de Rosius, (0TI5) @0TI5 Otis, male, husband to Claude. Representative at the House of Commons, Served two terms as Alderman and Lord Mayor of Providence, Architect, Seneschal of Redenford, Clerk of Providence, and Head Butler at the Augustine.


Julius de Rosius, (sashimichopped) @sashimichopped. Julius, male, single. Alderman and Lawman of the Ministry of Justice. Passed Away


Dr. Francis de Rosius, (Noveau_Chapeau) @Nouveau-Chapeau. Francis, male, single. Criminal Psychologist, Commissioner of the MoJ.


Hughbert de Rosius, (Emp_Palpatine) @Emp_palpatine. Hughbert, male, single. Previously residing in Haense, Assistant Diplomat of Haense. Passed Away


Constance de Rosius, (RougeViolet) @RougeViolet. Constance, female, single. Exiled


Slyvia de Rosius, (KryTheRat) @Remyy. Slyvia, female, single. Businesswoman, Owns the Rosius Apothecary at the Carrington Emporium. Passed Away


Anne de Rosius, (FawnyTheTurtle) @Fawnytheturtle. Anne, female, married. Actor.


Elodie de Rosius, (phoebe202) @Majesticpasta. Elodie, female, in a relationship. Takes interest in botany and worked as a maid at the Augustine.


Claude de Rosius Nee de Frand, (Pomplemousse) @Pomplemousse. Claude, female, wife to Otis and sister to Aimee de Frand. Tailor.


Hera de Rosius, (VictoriaMinaj) @Vi . Hera, female, single, eldest child of Otis and Claude, takes interest in Magic and Medicine.


Athena and Eris de Rosius, (spleenbeans & Willow_Beatle) @Spleen @Willow. Athena and Eris, adopted twins of Otis and Claude, come from Yong Ping.


Leander de Rosius, (gamerdude09) @Viraj Dobrial. Leander, male, newest born of Otis and Claude.


Dominique de Rosius, (BarcardiBreeza) @BarcardiBreeza. Dominque, female, single, daughter of Julius de Rosius.


Louis de Rosius, (sashimichopped) @sashimichopped. Louis, male, in a relationship, son of Valent de Rosius and Elizabeth Galbraith.


Philip de Rosius, (13E666L13) @13E666L13. Philip, male, single, son of Valent de Rosius and Elizabeth Galbraith.


Maria de Rosius, (Emi_Sohma) @EmiliainWonderland. Maria, female, single, daughter of Valent de Rosius and Elizabeth Galbraith.




Head of Cadet House: Jacker Gendik-Rosius, (Ariyanqwq) @Ariyanqwq. Jacker, male, married to Josephine Gendik-Rosius. Sergeant in the ISA (Msg him if you'd like to join the Cadet Branch)


Josephine Gendik-Rosius, Josephine, female, married to Jacker Gendik-Rosius.


Heir to the Cadet House: Stephan Gendik-Rosius. Stephan, male, son of Jacker and Josephine Gendik-Rosius.


Dolly Gendik-Rosius. Dolly, female, daughter of Jacker and Josephine Gendik-Rosius.


Below you can find the current 'Family Tree' :




If you are interested, reach out to any of the members listed in game, over discord Matti#2192 , or comment using the format below,

Thank you!




MC Username:


Role you wish to Play:

Time zone:


❃ ~✽~ ❃

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New Family Tree
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Posted (edited)

Welcome Gaspar de Rosius! @Emp_palpatine

Welcome Dr. Francis de Rosius! @Nouveau-Chapeau

Welcome Hughbert de Rosius! @Emp_palpatine

Welcome Anne de Rosius! @RougeViolet

Welcome Elodie de Rosius! @Majesticpasta

Welcome a **** load of people! 

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Uhhh, sure.

MC Username: Nouveau_Chapeau

Discord: Nouveau-Chapeau#0769

Role you wish to Play: My character, Doctor Fassnacht, lacks a family. However I can help.

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MC Username: gamerdude09

Discord: Viraj Dobrial#2186

Role: Part-time adoptive child. Hau'oli Kekai Momoa-Faust de Rosius is a name I would like to have. Also, this will help Hau'oli's bid in running for Alderman of Province.

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Posted (edited)

Welcome Otis' and Claudes first newborn girl! Hera de Rosius @Vi

Welcome Otis' and Claudes adopted twins! Ena and Eni de Rosius @Spleen & @WillowBeatle

Welcome Otis' and Claudes second child! Leander de Rosius @Viraj Dobrial

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MC Username: phoebe202 

Discord: majesticpasta1#4113

Role: Distant cousin or a friend of the family; my character, Elodie Abbot, comes from an upper-middle class background but does not have a family. If accepted she’ll likely need to change her career, as she currently works as a maid, but she could help with any businesses the family has, or she could become a nun. 

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