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The Union of de Frand and de Falstaff

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[!] A letter is sent out to the citizens of Haense and a select few from Oren. 


You are cordially invited to the wedding of Miss Agnes de Frand and Mister Emil-Dardot Ashford de Falstaff.

Join us for a celebration of love and matrimony in Haense!



Specific invitations are as follows, with letters attached to each of them.


Albrecht Mondblume - "It is with great joy I invite you to attend our wedding, dear sir. You were a kind and hospitable soul when we first encountered you in Haense and have been kind enough to keep the secret of our impending wedding to yourself and those we allowed you to share it with. Today I am here to tell you may spread the news as far and as wide as you please for at last comes to the day we are to be wed." 


To the Lord and Lady Woldzmir - "I haven't much to say to you Aimee. I know your life has become increasingly busy and you may not find it in your heart to make time for me, but I hope you do. You can be as mad at me as you want, just remember you told me I was allowed to marry whoever I wanted to. Ostromir, I know you are terribly indifferent towards me, but I'd also like to see the two of you attend." 


To the lovely de Rosius family - "Valent, you are a good friend and I hope you can find a place in your schedule to attend. My dearest Claude, I know you knew this was coming, yet it still may come as a bit of a shock. I hope you will come and celebrate with us as you have celebrated many of the milestones of my lifetime. Otis, I hope you will join the both of them in coming to my wedding though we are not necessarily very close."


To Arlo Cooper - "I know the two of us never seem to get along, but I do want you to attend my wedding since we've become closer over the last year or so. I know you may not approve of my choice of spouse, but I hope you'll attend anyways."


To Ida Castille - "My dearest Ida, I am excited to finally announce the wedding and I pray that you attend. I know this letter may seem a bit impersonal, but I hope we can talk more in person since we live much closer now." 


To Gwynevere Amelia - "Hello Gwyn! I hope you receive this letter with haste. I understand the last letter I sent to you was a bit alarming, but I hope you find joy out of this one instead. Please attend the wedding, you know I'd be delighted to have you even though you are certainly not a fan of Emil."


To the Dowager-Baroness of Carrington, Anna Henrietta -  "I hope this letter finds you well, Anna. You and I have certainly never seen eye-to-eye but I wanted to extend an invitation personally. Maybe it's because you never though this would happen, or maybe it's because I know this will piss you off beyond belief to know that you're wrong AND that I'm marrying someone who is a so-called "traitor." 


To Adriana d'Arkent - "I know we haven't spoken in years, but I want you to attend. You were a very big supporter of mine throughout everything despite your sister's ill intent in the past and honestly, I miss you at the very least, contact me when you can."


To Emerentia Kovachev - "I know this letter may catch you by surprise, since we've hardly spoken since the loss of your husband. Now to find out I'm marrying his cousin must be a bit alarming. I think we all knew that this would be happening, but it's one thing to see it on paper than to discuss it in passing when we were younger. Regardless, I hope you'll attend." 


To Caroline de Selm - "I understand you and I may not be very close, but I hope to see you attend nevertheless, Caroline. I don't have much to say since these letters are all very last minute, but I hope you'll at least write me back."


To Maisie d'Arkent - "At first we certainly didn't get along and I'm not sure we do even now, but I'd like to have you attend with your sister and Caroline since you and I endured the social season together." 


((To those of you who can't attend because it's last minute, that's alright I understand completely, but I hope you'll still write to me anyways. There is no date listed on the post because it's happening sometime today, probably. Just wanted to get the post out while I still could. Could be the next hour or two, no telling with the groom's schedule.))


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(Totally forgot to write in a few people, if I forgot you let me know!)
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Valent receives the letter from his friend, slowly opening it as he read - placing it back on his desk as he smiled. "Well seems like I should clear all my engagements for the wedding!"

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Arlo Cooper would open the letter as he read, he'd place it back with his calm smile. "Well, seems like our Agnes is getting married."

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Maisie d’Arkent’s eyes scanned over the pamphlet. Gasping violently at the note sent to her sister but not her OR Caroline. “She could have at least written and addressed all of us.” The women would mumble. 

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1 minute ago, zuziee said:

Maisie d’Arkent’s eyes scanned over the pamphlet. Gasping violently at the note sent to her sister but not her OR Caroline. “She could have at least written and addressed all of us.” The women would mumble. 

((Thank you for reminding me, I knew I missed a few people!))

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Aimee gasped in horror as she saw the missive, her eyes sweltering with a mixture of anger and confusion. "What has this wretched niece done!?" Said the Countess, wavering the missive around in her hand as she trailed her city residence. 

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Cosette de Falstaff reads over the missive from an icy landscape, though safe within the confines of her own home. She narrows her eyes at such an announcement, for she is not fond of either of the people involved. "By GOD, can it get any worse?" she grumbles, the parchment compressing into a small ball within her gloved hand before she tosses it to the corner of her room with a huff. 

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