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Cardinal Pelagius & co. moments before writing an apology to Philip of Crestfall.




Whispers of the apparent scandalous audience between Cardinal Albarosa and Philip of Crestfall spread throughout the hallways of the Agustine Palace, the Cardinal was said to be a wretched and tempered cleric insulting the both Imperial Household the death of the Duke’s late beloved wife. There sat, Pelagius Cardinalis Albarosa in his archetypal velvet-cushioned timber flaxen chair in the Papal apartments, surrounded by two Albarosan colleagues including Episcopus Fr. Augustine Cordoba. The Cardinal nibbled on one of his favourite comfort foods; Hyspian Tamales - breaded omelette-like refreshments stuffed in melted cheese to the very tip of the tamale’s crust, alongside with Santegian ‘Cero’ cut ham slices crammed into the savoury snack’s hull. 


It was a downcast day, the once blue skies were in a light shade of grey, the amount of light bounced upon the divulged greenery was only bare, colourful leafs desperate for the slightest ray from the sun. The cold touch of a window seal was warped due to the drowsy and depressive climate, interiors froze in a sympathetic overture of numbing apprehension. This distressing grey scenery was an astute reflection of the besieged Pelagius, nervously reclined within his luxurious decorated flat with the twiddle of his fingers after a long dialogue with the Pontiff himself in response to the Cardinal’s tattled actions within the Providential gardens - pondering on recent events in a manner only a man of bankruptcy would partake. 


“I am Pelagius Julian de Savin y Gullien, Vice-Chancellor of the Church of Canon, Cardinal within the Curia of both late Pontiff Owyn III and the college of High Pontiff Jude II, Prince-Archbishop of the pompous Archdiocese of Albarosa - A man of noble Stature.. A man of power and influence.. Responsibilities given by Horen himself.. And yet.. I slip - and fall! I let my befuddled conscious heed misdoings in a time of sorrow.. The livelihood of the Church within the plain of Political endeavours lie in my ungovernable hands..”


“..Might it be the Pontiff demote me from my position as Vice-Chancellor? Will I be removed from my seat amongst the College of Cardinals? Might I be.. If Deu wills.. Reduced to mere flesh by the hand of an executioner because of my misdeeds..? I swear by the immaculate ghost of Saint Julia herself - I will never dare to sniff the slightest speck of Albarosan Powder - I will never puff the even most inappreciable ash of a bulky Rochefortine cigarette - I will never sip the smallest drop of, San Roberto Tequilla™.. Well.. maybe on the weekends? Nonono..! That is beside the point..”


“I may partake in all the personal penance I see fit, although these murmurings in private will never satisfy the Imperial courts outlook on my discrepant actions.. My legacy and ambitions are now in the hands of the Pontiff’s evaluation alongside the Duke of Crestfall himself..”


At that very moment, a stout elderly though lowborn Kaedrini butler clothed in a dapper bloodred Imperial tailcoat scuttled into the disconsolate room Cr. Pelagius and company were lounging about, previously in the service of late Cardinal Laurence Pruvia-Albarosa from years prior. The refined Lackey placing three cups of fresh Rochefortine tea top of the reflective centre table, cocking his head toward the Cardinal with a guileful smirk on his shaven face;


“Everyone in both the Imperial Courts and the streets of Providence gossip of your sordid complications with the Duke of Crestfall during the day of his wife’s funeral.. Everyone! I feel so terribly sorry for you, your Eminence.. But - alas..” The Butler paused for a sudden moment, before sparking his hands about in a celebratory-like manner..


“I have a cunning plan, your Eminence..”


“A cunning plan? As cunning as a fox who's just been appointed Professor of Cunning at the Imperial University?” Said Cardinal Albarosa, perking a brow in the slightest of interest at this pragmatic Rhoswenii man’s words. 


“Indeed it is so subtly cunning that you can brush your teeth with it, your Eminence. First.. we leave everyone be, putting on cloaks and fleeing to the outskirts of Elvenese.. Then we prepare to send word of our albeit fake, deaths-”


Father Agustine interrupted the Lackey’s ramblings of a ‘cunning plan’, pointing a finger in the direction of the door, “If an enraged cannibalistic Ork were to split your head open, the contents of your brain wouldn't be enough to even cover a mere biscuit! Get out!”


The Rhoswenii Butler scrambled off from the group of Clerics at that, Cardinal Albarosa merely sipped his cup of Rochefortine high tea, “What a Lunatic.” Said the Cardinal, added by Fr. Augustine, “Agreed. I have never experienced such tomfoolery from a Servant of our status.” Pelagius rebutted, placing the cup of tea down on the cutlery table, “However.. The butler does bring up a good point.. I must come up with some kind of plan, to combat this miniscule scandal surrounding my actions with the Duke.. before the worst proceeds to thieve my positions and prowess that I toiled all those years to build up.” The Cardinal idled there in contemplation for a few moments, thoroughly examining his cards and options.


“Well, the Pontiff has said to apologize directly to Philip, although it should be taken in consideration that a formal, candid apology has a lower chance of being recognized by his intermediate family, and therefore another route must be taken to clench this misfortune.” Fr. Augustine set down his cup of tea, “Choose your decisions wisely and carefully, your Eminence - for the future of your Clerical career and your Vice-Chancellorship is on the line..” “Aha! I know exactly what to do..” The Cardinal perked up his finger, “A formal letter of apology sent directly to the Duke of Crestfall!” The two Albarosan men of cloth forcibly clapped their hands, nodding in approval of Pelagius’s words, “Excellent!” “How Genius! Not even I can think of that!” 


And so, Cardinal Albarosa set out toward his study to begin personally writing a letter of sincere apology to the Duke of Crestfall.





(The Letter can only be viewed by Philip of Crestfall and his intermediate family.)


To the respected, Philip of Crestfall,


God tests the will of all men, might it be the simple farmhand tiling to his wheat, or a serene Emperor who administers the vassals of the seven skies in earnest. In this specific circumstance, God has tested me, Pelagius Cardinalis Albarosa, Vice-Chancellor of the Church of Canon.. Quite nearly second to the Pontiff himself.. in fact the future of both the Church politically alongside with the well being of the laymen are at my mere fingers, and yet.. I have made a mistake, a careless one at that..


The day I stepped into the Augustine Palace to perform a Funeral Service for your beloved late wife, hours earlier I had previously been lounging about with my colleagues befuddling Rochefort Cigarettes, discussing Clerical inquiries and drafting an array of executive documents, scheduling assemblies with various Albarosan territorial domain that I would have to attend hours following the Funeral.


I was in a hurry within our meteoric dialogue - putting into account both the consumption of Cigarettes and indulging in comfort beverages moments prior alongside with my scramble for completing future Diocesan assignments - my appearance before both the Imperial Household and you was distorted, a deficient and embarrassing representation of myself that I now regret. 


I should have allowed you and your pedigree peacefully continue your lamentation instead.. I made the mistake of rushing your mourning to get the Funeral service over with, in haste. I recognize my fault and sought out individualized penance due to my actions.. I offer the most sincere apology to your household, your late Partner.. may she rest in peace.. and you, the Duke of Crestfall himself.


I fear my placement within the Curia is in jeopardy at this very moment, for I have done the exact opposite of what the seat of Vice-Chancellor is entitled to secure, my position within the Church of Canon is to regulate and benefit the Church on a political plain between the major vassals of Canonism, and yet - I have offended one of Canonism’s evidently most vital allies, being that of the contemporary Imperial Household because of my extemporaneous emotionally-charged actions.


With that, dear Philip of Crestfall - I once more plead before your graceful revered figure to please.. Accept my sincere apology.




Pelagius Cardinalis Albarosa - Vice-Chancellor of the Church of Canon



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Cardinal Pelagius,


You have flattered me as revered and graceful when I am neither. I am a humble sinner. I know the nature of flatterers.


You and many would assume that to forgive you is graceful, merciful, and holy. I am an old man now, Cardinal, and I have stared into the face of the devil, and clutched the aura of angels. I know what is holiness, and to forgive you does not bring me closer to it.


You have apologized for being drunk for my wife's funeral, that you had caroused too much, that your politics interfere with your sense. You mock priesthood with these excuses. You are a student of opulence. I will pay you no mind for the rest of my days. It is not my duty to teach you the nature of goodness of service or God.


Should there come a day where you find yourself escaped from the obstructions of your faith in the form of politics, fear, drink, or riches, I shall be overjoyed and thankful to the Lord.


HIH The Duke of Crestfall

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