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Wedding of Corbin Vorora and Maduz Necropolitan

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[!] An invitation is posted on the notice board in Elysium:




ooc: The wedding of Corbin and Maduz will take place at the garden alter in Elysium.

Monday, April 19th, 3:30 PM EST

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"I wonder if they need an officiant. . ." Pondered the youth, her words directed to nobody in particular. Though, once she had finished her brief queries, her heels spun under the ground to head homewards. Preparing her wedding clothes for the event!

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The Duke of Elysium would hold a steadfast smile as he conversed with Corbin, hearing of the news with a pleasant countenance as he remarked his intentions to attend. It was a humbling moment, as he recalled meeting both Maduz and Corbin for the very first times. 

" May they find bliss in their lifetime..." 

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