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[Magic Lore] Clericalism: The Light of Tahariae

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Tahariae smiles upon this piece.

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the office of heero zero and son will contact you in three to seventeen business months regarding the state of holy magic

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Imagine writing over a hundred pages of lore.... hahhahahahahaahahahahaha

i know youre dead inside alty

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Glad to see it's finally up after you've been working on it for a while

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I threatened to chatmod ban salty out of every chat I could if he didn't format this nicely. 

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Rather unfortunate that I’ve come to see a bunch of spells that might be abused to hell and back, granted the misuse of Clericism from the past - it’s fair to say that I’m extremely wary about the whole ordeal and rewrite.


For Searching Light, I have a severe issue with ‘sensing’ abilities since they - even if it’s without the intent of the Lorewriter - will be used for metagaming purposes. I can already see conflict occurring and a person running away, only for a Cleric with ill intentions using the spell to see and spot that the runner’s identity.


Etc, a masked man gets into a fight with a nation. He’s able to run away but suffers an injury in his arm. A bruise or gash. He returns or hides in a disguise. A Cleric uses their power to sense that injury and will be able to spot that they were in that conflict.


While you may have good intentions with this spell, I don’t see it being used in a mature manner by the player base granted by the abundant OOC that’s strife in conflict.


For Radiant Armaments, I’m rather disappointed with this spell. You could easily go for an aesthetic method for this where they’re able to have some effect on their weaponry. Granted Heraldry and Translocation, this simple spell can be heavily abused in conflict where the person is bound or in trouble.


Etc, a Cleric is beaten or infiltrates an area. They search him/her for weapons - spot none because all of them are bound. By this, they’re able to ‘hide’ weapons rather than use the spell of aesthetic purposes which I believe your intentions are.


Furthermore, if Azhl Steel can damage a bound weapon. I’d suggest that Thanhic-Steel may do so as well as they negatively affect mana. Something that all descendents have.


For Lux, I’m rather wary of the vague wording. What does it exactly do to an affected individual? - does it blind them to the point where they can’t see or does it slightly blur their vision. 


Even then, I can already see this ability being able to one-shot kill individuals. The impact of an arrow - even to a helmeted individual, can cause severe brain trauma and more. I suggest being more concise and specific with how this ability affects people.


For Aura of Light, I’m rather confused since it states:


‘Revealed Dark Creatures within the aura would feel an uncomfortable sensation of being watched by judging eyes, given a minor amount of anxiety and fear by the divine radiance.’


But at the same time, you also say:


‘This ability cannot forcefully reveal a dark or voidal creature/mage/feat user, or metagame in any way.’

I’d suggest that you reword this since it may cause complications.


I’m heavily against Swiftward for this reason:


‘Voidal and Dark magic spells slung towards this area would often veer off course, for example, this manifesting mechanically as a +4 bonus to rolls for those within the circle to avoid being hit by a target spell.’


This is an extremely Overpowered ‘**** You’ spell that isn’t a shield, but rather a 3x3 aura. If I were to minmax this, I’d just bring a goon squad - all within my aura - as I bring them along to a dark creature or group who cannot do anything, in terms of magic, to attack the clerics. There’s not even any way to break or dismantle this shield from an opponent’s view. I don’t agree with this spell.


I dislike Hindsight very much. It’s been proven again and again that ‘memory’ spells are just used for metagaming. It’s inane to include them.


‘a Cleric may draw any number of individuals into a vision of the past through Tahariae’s gift of prophecy’


‘This spell can only be used to display visions of events that the Cleric personally attended and can account for.’


I can see Clerics being used in court cases as a CCTV camera, using their spells to show if a person’s guilty or not in the story of ‘flavorful storytelling’.


Etc, A person does a crime. He’s able to run scot free but a cleric sees them. He goes to court. A cleric uses their spell to show he did the crime. He’s off to jail.


Radiant Repluse - like before - is Overpowered. A 3x1 arc that travels 5 blocks in an ‘incredibly quick rush of energy’. It's incredibly undodgeable, due to the dimensions that you’ve provided. A spell that pushes people back 3-4 blocks away. Stagger or knocking them away - making it so that running away in CRP is unlikely to be impossible. I suggest either tuning this down or reworking it entirely.


Purity Healing seems like an extremely powerful healing spell that completely rids the player of consequences in CRP or Events just using a spell to quickly heal themselves. I’m wary of this.


Painted Salvation has the problems of Purity Healing but emphasises. A spell that allows a person not to die IRP. If you’re at the point where this spell can be used, you have to die.


Etc, someone suffers a severe assassination attempt. They are stabbed through the heart. Someone uses this spell to freeze them and find an Animii crafter to make them replacements or a new body - as if nothing happened.

Hallow The Tainted - I believe - is yet another spell that goes too far. I don’t believe this should be a spell since it allows for previously disconnected people to easily be able to be reconnected to a magic, their soul repaired.


Etc, I’m dc’d from Paladinism twice. I cannot get any deific magics. With this spell, I can again.

It’s the complete disregard of consequences in RP.


Clarion Call is Overpowered as ****. A 48x48 dome that heals and grants stamina back to everyone. This is utterly broken and it can be synergized with various other things - allowing a void mage to continuously cast or a Paladin, like you’ve said, to supply the place with Lion’s Roar.


Even if this is only in an event scenario, I don’t see this being balanced at all. 


Radiance is Overpowered in the area and effect that it gives. A 5x5 radius flash that completely blinds people for 3 emotes. I’d suggest reworking it completely since someone can easily use this spell to just run away without consequence.


Angelic Charge is Overpowered as well. It ignores CRP movement rules - allowing you to run with a range of 6 blocks as a ‘silhouette of Light’, briefly masking your identity be it in a chase. And you’re able to attack with double strength? - I suggest rewording this since it’s vague and everyone already plays a minmax variant of the strongest person alive. This only amplifies problems.


Divine Edict is broken. Constant frostbite if an order’s not carried out. Constant paranoia. And this stays for 1 OOC week. This reminds me of old ascended wards.


Sacral Flame, it’s a flame that can’t be extinguished unless water is there. Frostbite is already broken, I don’t suggest working with it as the effects of it can easily make limbs unusable. Enwreathment is just a way of granting your weapon Thanhic-Steel properties due to the inability of a person to cast magic - due to the flames - and the frostbite acting on their body.


Projected Flame, in my opinion, sounds like a more Overpowered variant of Flamethrower from Fire Evocation.


Chains of Justice - likewise - is inherently broken and Overpowered. The fact that you can bind and trap a person with a range of six blocks. To see that it’s stronger against Voidal or Dark magicks seems more broken. I suggest reworking this.


Mercy allows Clerics to buff their companions to become ‘Doomslayers’ - allowing them to quickly return to the battle, etc. I don’t like it. The fact that the cleric has to be within 4 blocks of them is decent, however - perhaps the line of sight must also be added.


Sanctuary is the Paladin’s Spell but emphasised to the point where it’s incredibly broken and Overpowered. The fact that it’s around the caster allows spells and blunt force to not be carried off onto the caster. It’s a ‘**** you. I can’t be hurt’ spell.


‘This shield lends well to protection against Voidal and Dark magic attacks in particular, able to take six blows from spells of those classifications that are t4 or lower, and only three from t5 spells of those classifications. Normal assaults with conventional weapons by individuals of significant strength, or deific/misc spells, require four blows to break the shield’


What of the effects of Thanhic-Steel? - this is rather broken. Needs to be tuned or reworked in my opinion.


I’m of the opinion that all spells must be able to be used in ordinary CRP. I don’t like Event-Only spells at all since it’s just a free card to winning an event. I don’t personally enjoy Perdition either. It should be specific and not vague. What is the effect, don’t leave it up to a player or ST. Hostile Entity is iffy as well - as they may regard someone as an enemy and murder them.


I haven't finished reading the entire thing yet but this is just my opinions from reading the abilities of two(?) of the subtypes. I don't believe you're doing this maliciously in a way to make an Overpowered Magic - but clarifications, tuning can make this far more balanced in my opinion.

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