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Minecraft Username: DiscoLiquid

Discord Username: DiscoLiquid#9251


[!] The rest of the application is written in impressive script.
Character Name: Ibi
Character Age: 35
Citizenship: Yes, I am a citizen.
Reason for application: I would like to protect Yong Ping through my diligence and medical work, & I want a tax break.

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Minecraft Username: FireFist__

Discord Username: FireFist#0045
Character Name: Valen Dreth
Character Age: 27
Citizenship: Yes
Reason for application: I wish to become a samurai, and achieve my goal of becoming a great swordsman.

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Minecraft Username: BuzzingLion3147

Discord Username: eun#8046
Character Name: Seung-Hwan
Character Age: 24
Citizenship: (Yes/No) No
Reason for application: I need a reliant job and potentially create strong bonds within the YPA.

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Minecraft Username: CrypticKen

Character Name: Hayashida Junichiro

Discord: Cryptic#8513


[!] Written in a scroll, a neat handwriting would read a message...

Name: Hayashida Junichiro.

Age: Fifteen-years of age.

Citizenship Status: Current Citizen (Chen 4)

Reason for Application: Hoping to defend the Jade State of Yong Ping. In addition, to discover glory, honour and to climb the ranks of the army as well as the state.


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Minecraft Username: DireSwift

Discord Username: DireSwift#0295
Character Name: Chavezz
Character Age: 254
Citizenship: (Yes/No) no
Reason for application: 
In search of someone in the reason, taking them too justice

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