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March & April - Moderation Team Update

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Welcome back to the Moderation Team Update log, responsible for sharing all relevant info to our realm of work on the server. As a starting note, I am VERY excited to have been given the chance to be a direct aid to the development of the server, as Administrator and I hope to make a memorable tenure. I have been working alongside the Moderation Team since 2020 and I’m grateful for the team that works alongside me, right now.  


Over the last two months, we have experienced progress, but also troublesome times with alot of change within the team and therefore, our Moderation Team March Update was postponed, until now. We are all excited to announce this double-update, with lots of information regarding our team-progress and the future of all projects on-going.

As a reminder, keep up with our on-going projects in our own Discord server. You can contact us there, regarding feedback, on-going conflict and projects. You can join, here.

{ https://discord.gg/PKPBN7Yk







Moderation Interview Updates [COMPLETE]


Our applicant-selection protocol and interview process have suffered major alterations over the last few months, albeit we have found and settled into an efficient procedure that benefits the applicants and the Moderation Team during the selection period. We’ve established an active search for new members that can occur alongside whatever other projects are on-going.


Project Lead(s): @itdontmatta


Petty Theft Rule Expansion [COMPLETE]


We are excited to announce several additions, alterations and clarifications to our current petty-theft rules. We have included procedure for vandalism without PRO or RO approval, for a hopeful improvement of conflictual events. Alongside that, the Moderation Team has also included adequate protocol for interactable non-block items, which include graves, corpses, uniforms, etc. You can find the official update thread, here.


Project Lead(s): @MayRndz


Appeal Rewrite [COMPLETE]


Our intention with rewriting appeals was to undergo an active evaluation of the current protocol, and how we could improve the experience for both banned members and the Moderation Team. We should be aiming to provide a set of questions that reflect on the situation that led to the infraction, and what can change in the future. We have decided to tackle a more human approach to appeals, to coincide with all other team-protocol.


Project Lead(s): @ImCookiie


Coup & Internal Conflict Rules Rewrite [ADMIN APPROVAL]


We are eager to announce that both Coup Rules and Internal Conflict Rules have been sent off into administration approval, for adequate feedback and alterations deemed appropriate. We’re aiming to create an environment where conflict can be entertaining for all factions, with the required limitations and conditions to promote a fair default. At that, more announcements will be made, soon.


Project Lead(s): @ImChiicken & @devvy


Almaris War Workings [In Progress]


War and conflict-periods are a topic of constant debate amidst the Moderation Team. We want to create an appropriate environment, for the most intense moments of conflict on the server but tackle a difficult problem, in regards to the current climate, which is ever evolving. At the moment, we are opting for a trial period of our current procedures and will aim to continue updating these, as required. Our intention is to allow organic events to occur, with the support of the team and administration. 


Project Lead(s): @itdontmatta


Combat Rules Review [In Progress]


Combat Rules are being reviewed and altered whenever required, for the betterment of conflict on the server. We want to provide different avenues for members to pursue adequate conflict that can aid the natural progression of the server. At that, we’re also looking to all those unwritten rules and adding them to our rule-sets for better clarification.


Project Lead(s): @Totalitarianism_ & @MayRndz


Moderation Team Guides [In Progress]


We have been working on a compilation of separate modules and guides to better define our current rules, in regards to different procedures which can require moderation aid, at times. Our guides will focus on instructions for viable actions in-game, which are useful in the cases of companions, bird-messages, petty-theft, heists, wars and procedures outside of the server, such as reports and appeals.


Project Lead(s): @MayRndz






The Moderation Team received 1,483 tickets during the month of March, and 1,374  during the month of April. All quota is based on 3% of total tickets, but does not include additional activity requirements involving reports, appeals, projects and interviews.





Total took a one-week hiatus / BlueBudgie took a four-week hiatus / Taketheshot56 took a one-week hiatus / Gusanoarentonio took a three-week hiatus















ImCookiie was promoted to Moderation Team Administrator.

MayRndz was promoted to Moderation Team Manager.

Da_Emperors joined Moderation Team Trainers.


Bawggie has returned to Moderation.


ColonelMarb1 has joined Moderation.

__TigerKitty__ has joined Moderation.

SacredSource has joined Moderation.

SpookyLean has joined Moderation.


BasketWeaver has departed from the team.

TheIchorDruid has left the team.

Arkantos has left the team.

Geminisole has left the team.

TarreBear has left the team.

Markosi has left the team.







Thanks to @Anore for the incredible amount of time and effort he placed into the Moderation Team, over his entire tenure with us— which spanned over a few years. He was a great friend, better leader and an inspiration to us all in regards to professionalism and passion. We appreciate all that he contributed and his projects have become habitual protocol, for most staff teams.


As a reminder, the Moderation Team is always available to help out and questions, comments or concerns can be directed at us through discord, or on the forums. We’re open to feedback and suggestions regarding our current rules, projects and procedures. You can fill out the feedback form linked below.



LotC Moderation Team




Have feedback for the team? Fill this out!



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When is @Muddy_Buddygetting his interview, its been what? Six months now?

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I hate cookie so much, terrible admin. Something nice. 

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Man I love that one mod Endershadow292. But did you know he is responsible for the murder of an old Irish man? An ugly situation really.

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Cool, but please choose someone else to lead the current conflict, ideally someone who doesn't play in any of the nations involved. That way, neither side can claim bias. Not trying to **** on anyone in particular, just giving my honest feedback.

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Can I be Moderation Admin please?

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Hi, I'm from Planet Minecraft. Zitzabis, site moderator. I humbly request a minor administrative role so that I may review your server better. I need to review your excellent house-made plugins like Freyja ASAP!

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poggers, good work to everyone

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