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Rise and Fall of the Halfling Republic: Part 0 of VI

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[!] A pamphlet is pinned to the Bramblebury notice board!
The Rise and Fall of the Halfling Republic


A History of the Halflings from 1786-1818




On the fourteenth of the Grand Harvest, 1818, Elder Jordan Applebottom of Bramblebury defied the duties he accepted as Elder of Bramblebury and proclaimed Rolladango Applefoot the Thain of Bramblebury. In doing so, he brought to a swift end an entire era of halfling history. The toils and squabbles of the thirty-two years that preceded that moment were rendered pointless. Though the drama and chaos of the three-Elder system was eliminated, the recognition of our natural rights and the separation of Knoxism from the halfling government died with it. 


It would be wholly unfair, however, to blame Jordan Applebottom for the destruction of our republic. It must be understood that, just as Jordan insisted in his final declaration, the republic had already killed itself from within. The manner in which this occurred is complicated and the reasons for it numerous, but it is imperative that all of it is understood so that future generations may avoid repeating our mistakes. It is also a fascinating story, one that will hopefully resonate not only with the halflings of the present and future but with all learned peoples of the world.

~Night in the Village; early 19th century~

History often suffers from the fact that it is taught by those who did not personally witness it. Facts get muddled with myths, and the recounting of events suffer from the fact that those who tell these stories where not in the room where they happened. That is not to be the fate of this tale. As many, I am sure, are aware; this whole affair started as little more than an idea in my head. I knew it was an experiment, I knew it could fail; but nevertheless I hoped it would not. It has, and the only way to justify it now is to analyze it, and draw what conclusions we can to rid ourselves of confusion and to create a narrative for our posterity to understand and learn from.

This thirty-two-year-long tale is, of course, a cumbersome story that cannot be done justice in a short volume. For that reason, it shall be published as a six-part series spanning from the creation of the Halfling Liberty Organization in 1786 to the final hours of the Elder government in 1818. Events and conversations never before heard of shall be revealed, a fuller picture of the past thirty-two years shall be painted here than has ever been painted before; and perhaps most importantly, the thoughts and intentions of the lady behind it all shall be plain to see.


This is our story.

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Through some strange yet legit means, a copy of the pamphlet gets into Maenor's possession. Carefully he reads the missive, him nodding in symbolic gesture as he takes a mental note of the author.

He finds it suspiciously eerie that this republic too lasted for 32 years...

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Jean Applebottom looked over the pamphlet. By the end of it, she was left with only one, BURNING question, "Whoi does et start at part zero, 'n not part 'un?"

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1 minute ago, Rioling said:

Jean Applebottom looked over the pamphlet. By the end of it, she was left with only one, BURNING question, "Whoi does et start at part zero, 'n not part 'un?"

Filibert Applefoot shrugs "Weh should probableh brin' back t'a schoolin' weh used'er do 'n Bramblebureh ter ge' us all knowlegable abou' coun'in' again"

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Valorin scans at the pamphlet carefully. He nods sagely to himself and goes back to his pipe. He hums what appears to be a Halfling drinking song to himself betwixt puffs as the sound merges melodically with the endless waves upon the white sand.

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