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4 hours ago, AndrewTech said:

I wholly and truly believe that the Lord of the Craft is isn’t some major NL who’s always in the spotlight, waging wars or making things all about their character’s own personal legacy. 


Rather, I believe that there are many Lords of the Craft. These people are the ones who strive to build others up, putting others ahead of themselves and endeavoring to add to the world at large in ways that are often considered to be “outside of the box.” 


There is no one Lord of the Craft. There are many, and they are the people who bring a smile to the faces of their own personal friend groups, their nation communities, and the server at large both IRPly and OOCly. These people may not be the most recognized because they don’t play emperors, kings, or princes. Sometimes they do. But these people bear names that tend to be remembered fondly and make people feel good when they hear them. 


I’m sure there’s many others who I don’t know or haven’t met yet, but! For me, SOME of my Lords and Ladies of the Craft are as follows:


@Ezo Karasuga

@Rayna Star
















There’s many others out there who’ve made playing on this server a blast and have embodied what it truly means to be a Lord of the Craft, but these are some of my favorite, chilliest people. Please don’t cry if I didn’t mention you because it probably just slipped my mind. You’re awesome too!




Yo is someone cutting onions in here? 😭🥰

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6 hours ago, Xx_BloodStalk_xX said:

mister crumena


It's Xx_BloodStalk_xX obviously, though he's the Dark Lord of the Craft

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Iblees, I'm pretty sure. Just, straight up Iblees. Like how Sauron is the Lord of the Rings.

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I think we all understand that Tythus is that actual Lord of the Craft, while the players are the servants. You aren't creating a character and a story for yourself, you are donating it to Tythus LTD.

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I'm not gonna reveal who I think that the Lord of the Craft is, but with regard to the King of the Craft that's @Milenkhov

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cope harder


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