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The 5th. Annual Providence Clerk’s Office Newsletter

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A flier is pinned to the City Notice Board in Providence for all visitors and residents to see. The flier is from the Clerk’s Office!


The 5th. Annual Providence Clerk’s Office Newsletter

The Clerk’s have been hard at work lately, and we’ve decided to give the citizens and visitors an update on the Clerk’s Office as of now!

Current Roster: 

For help purchasing a property in Providence, questions regarding taxes or eviction notices, or general questions about the city, find one of the following people and they can help you! 

The Head City Clerk of Providence, Oren:

Natalia Kovachev

The Deputy City Clerk of Providence, Oren:

Mary d'Arkent




JENS, Railyn

LEOPOLD, Alexander 

de ROSIUS, Otis

de ROSIUS, Valent

    The Clerk’s Office IS currently taking applications for new stewards in the City of Providence. 

Any interested candidates are encouraged to contact the Head or Deputy City Clerks directly.



The prices for each property are in set tax brackets, indicating how much you must spend to keep ownership of your property. Failure to pay these taxes will result in your property being reclaimed by the city again. 

Tax Brackets: 

A : 30 mina

B : 40 mina

C : 50 mina 

D : 60 mina

E : 80 mina

F : 100 mina

These prices are set in place and non-negotiable, the only way you may receive any sort of tax exemption is to join the Imperial State Army (ISA), this will allow you a fifty percent tax reduction on one (1) property you possess.

Open Housing: 

In an effort to help current residents or arriving visitors have a better idea of pricing within the city, as well as properties currently for sale, we at the Clerk’s Office have decided to also list all the current properties for sale within Providence. Please bear in mind that this list will not be updated until the next issue is out, so one of these houses may be sold by the time you ask about it. 

[Address] [Initial Payment Cost] | [Tax Cost]

Carrington Emporium 03   45  60

Carrington Emporium 07   30  50

Carrington Emporium 08   30  50

Carrington Emporium 10   30  50

Carrington Emporium 18   45  60

Carrington Emporium 19   30  50


Vinmark Roussard Street 04   65 40


Chamberlain Street 06   65  40


Adria Street 02   65  40

Adria Street 03   65  40


Pompourelia Street 07 65 40


Phillipa Street 02 65 40


Rosius Avenue: 


Thanks to the hard work of a certain Otis de Rosius, the City of Providence was able to collect a total sum of 5000 mina following the construction of Rosius Avenue - a long planned upgrade of the notably small and frequently uninhabited Susa Stalls. The Office of the City Clerk's urges each reader to tour the newly upgraded avenue - it is sure to be a frequent hotspot of our already bustling cityscape!



Know of anything else we should include, or still have any lingering questions? Let the Clerk’s Office know and we will provide the answers in our next addition!


Natalia Kovachev, Head City Clerk of Providence, Oren.

Mary d'Arkent, Deputy City Clerk of Providence, Oren.


((For easy access to help or a Clerk in Providence, join our Discord Server using this link! 

https://discord.gg/MC2ufa58 ))


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