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“If it's true what they say

If there's nothing to be done”

Andria's eyes flew to the paper, she knew this would happen one day. But one day had come too soon. She had seen the world pass by in a mere blink. She had gotten married and chose to not see the violence that happened in the streets in the council room. Her eyes darkened as her voice broke out in a wail at the news. Her husband was nowhere in sight. 


“If it's true that it's too late

And the family I love is gone”


The feeling of having no strength does nothing to burden her. Nothing to even stop her tears as they flooded the floor. Every thought every moment. Everything came rushing at her. Every happy moment of the aldins all together. Every moment within the manor. Every gang sign that was so unusual to the people of honour. She had spent her entire life within the silver city. What to show for it? The blood betrayed the moment she stepped away?

“If it's true what they say

Is this how the world is?”

Is this how it would end? Her family, her bloodline? Everything comes to the end of a sword. Nothing ends in a graceful death. It is always the fault of the Sohaer of the City-State of Haelun’or, one of the many council members. A simple phrase. “Weeping swords.” weeping just like she was.  Just like Kaelans wife had to be. A world was once so simple. she only built and wrote the facts. Now the world her every life was currpoted in sadness in guilt. 


“To be beaten and betrayed.”


The hardship after hardship, No happy ending in sight. NO happy ending for anyone that believes the words of the Sohaer, Of the elves that lay a sword on an innocent. Living like mules for the purpose of crotch fruit. Knowing nothing but through bloody and torn papers. 


“And then be told that nothing changes

It'll always be like this?

Their first conflict she had challenged him to chess of all things. As they spoke of many things. Trying to spare every last life within the city. She wanted the silver city to prosper. She wanted them to thrive.. Look where thriving has gotten her? The same bloody ended as it had done with every other thill bold enough to speak the truth. 


“If it's true what they say

I'll be on my way”

This wasn't like the first time. The first time she had grieved for the loss she had come to terms with it even. Now there was no second chance. There was no other thought or presence left. The emptiness of her own heart betrayed her. The smiles the laughters drowned out her thoughts as her body just grabbed things.


What's the purpose of a man?

Rope, a knife- dropping everything else on her person. The items clattering to the ground. Ink spilling on the ground Feathered riddled like a break-in. 


Just to turn his eyes away?

Her body moving mechanically to the front of the gate


Just to throw up both his hands?

Past the people, past the traitors of her own very lie.her own life crumbling. Nothing, No one could even guess what she would do next. There wasnt a second person who would even care about her. There- A conflict flit in her eyes. She was leaving someone behind. did she even deserve them? Did she deserve happiness? Nei, She deserved thid end. This chapter. He- He could find happiness again. 


"What's the use of his backbone?

If he turns his back on everyone?"


Dark eyes , tear stained bits into her own flesh. Flashes of Jumping on her uncle's shoulders as a young girl. Her mothers own death holding on to Kaelans hands. The dark shadow of her thoughts holding its own hand over her heart. Clutching, clenching at it. 


“That he would have stood beside

If it's true what they say

I'll be on my way!”

The blood dropping on to the ground.  She paused in her writing. A soft smile, “Moz, I hope you don't shame me for joining you.”  Icy eyes looking at the arch of the white marble. It was so pristine, it was clean.. it was pure. Nei it was never pure, it only looked pure to the eye  a first glance of the visage. a prop to appease the people. 


“But who are they to say

What the truth is anyway?”

“It was a given. Not a gift. You don't get to lie to yourselves and say you did justice. You did no justice. You lie to the people before you. You lie in the name of purity. Lying is NOT PURITY.  Mark my hollowed words, you fall in the hands of the impure.

Heya’adri ito thill?”


'Cause the ones who tell the lies

Are the solemnest to swear

“And it isn't for the few

To tell the many what is true”

[!] Andria’s Aldin Kaeronnin’s Body swings before the gate starring with lifeless eyes. 


So I ask you:

If it's true what they say 

I'll be on my way Tell me what to do 

“Is it true?”

Is it true what they say?

If the moment we step outside the gates of the silver city? Are we traitors?

Or are we people under tyranny?







Twas a good run. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Pqc8-GqcMq2IW-xTlElp76ToBnZwAdhzEAsgTA9x80o/edit?usp=sharing



Come visit andria body its in front of the gate rp wise too




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Kailu Kaeronin hears the news about his wife death, he would slowly take in the news become unresponsive for couple of minutes, he leaves to Haelun'or to find the body, but he would not be able to find it, he kept looking for the body for like 3 days non stop until he gave up and gone back to his boat and sailed away, as he was sailing into the sea glances at the sunset "I feel like i have failed you, i tried everything i could. Well i guess you are now in a better place now. Let there be peace in the afterlife love, one day we will see each other gain" takes off his wedding ring and would pour some red color wax, let it to cooldown Kailu holds it in his both palms and would say these words "Never fade away, let there be peace in the afterlife. May the sea's guide you." kisses the ring would throw it into the sea.


(Spelling mistakes? dyslexia and hungover)

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The Okarir'sil of Haelun'or eyed the swinging body warily, canting his head as he considered the message the elf had meant to send through her passing. 


"Do you recognize her, sir?" asked a uniformed private.


"No. I don't," the commander muttered in response. "Cut her down. We will not mourn for crazed lunatics or would-be assassins."




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Posted (edited)


"The Six of Wands Reversed. Hmm... In your future, this card tells me that there will be failure, a lack of recognition, no rewards, and a lack of achievement. When reversed the success generally associated with the six of wands is subverted. Instead of indicating triumph, in this position, the six of wands represents failure." 


Avyanna's tarot reading briefly swirled to the forefront of Aobh's mind as news of Andria's death reached her. Already ill from her grief and injuries, she still found a few tears left to shed for the elfess, for Kailu who she had left behind. Long had she lingered in the Elysium morgue, unable and unwilling to abandon the body of the elf she had come to know as her soulmate, her other half. 


"I had hoped you would be there to watch Nehtamo grow up...both of you." A pause, a grimace as the notably gaunter elfess continued her speech to a blank wall. "I did my best to keep my promise, Andria... but I feel like I've failed you, both of you... and for that I can never be forgiven. I hope you find some peace in your afterlife..."  

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Ayliana an Iarwain, the Okarir'mali of Haelun'or heard the news from her husband. 


"She did us a favor"


The Okarir'sil said to his wife, holding her hand as she stared with horror into the fireplace of their home.


She stayed quiet for a moment, multiple thoughts running through her head. Though only a few set of words replayed. "You were the first person to be nice to us". The word's from the widow of Kaelan's friend. Tears filled the brims of her eyes. She thought of her brother, Nelgauth Maehr'tehral, how ashamed he would be of her in this moment. Was she an an Iarwain or a Maehr'tehral? She continued to debate with herself, two sides of her life contrasting heavily with one another. 


"Come wife, let us head to bed."


These words snapped her out of her thoughts, the 'thill suddenly out of her trance as she smiled up to Kiljarys.


"Sleep.. sleep would be nice"


She said softly before heading to bed shakily with her husband. Was she doing the right thing?

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Seraphite watches from afar as the body is cut down, her hand covering her mouth. "It's one thing to be on trial for, but to do it yourself-" She squeezes her eyes shut, turning and making her way home. "We're 'thill," She murmurs, ignoring the others around her. 


"We are blessed beings," She sighs, stuttering in her steps as her front door comes into sight. "We rid the impure for the better-" Her voice wavers as she pushes open her door, stumbling inside. "We strive for greatness, for we are over-arching," She closes the door with her back, slowly sliding down the wood. 


"And for that...." Seraphite leans her head back against the door, her eyes slowly falling shut. The crackle from the fire snaps at her, as if calling her attention, though she ignores it, its soft glow giving off none of its usual warmth. 


She soon tires, her eyes slowly closing and not opening until long after, the days events simply leaving her numb

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