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Summoning of the Council of Commoners
The 3rd Year of the Salian Interregnum | 2A23

Lubourgeois taking part in a nightly soiree, c. 2a20

By the will of the Crown of Saint Lucien,


The Men of the city of Saint Lucien are called to assemble and elect from their peers a set of magistrates to serve them for the next eight years.


These magistrates, the City Tribunes, will serve first and foremost as judges and arbitrators of the law. They will hold their own tribunals to judge the innocent from the guilty, the wronged from the righteous. 


They will serve secondly as leaders of the Council of Commoners, that will propose and pass legislation into law that will govern the Commoners. 


They will serve thirdly as the stewards of vacant property and collect the appropriate rents as dictated by law.


FOUR shall be elected to the post by the God-fearing HUMAN burghers of the City of Saint Lucien. The one who receives the most votes cast in favor of his name shall be named Burgermeister, carry authority over the other tribunes, and name one more to serve alongside him.


Those parties interested shall announce their candidacies publicly in the City Square, and post upon the vacant walls their visions for the future. Candidacies will close two months from the posting of this notice, and the election shall happen on the third after.


Those MEN who own property within the city and pay their yearly rents to the Crown shall be eligible to vote. If they are unable to attend the vote, they shall send a man in their stead to cast the vote.


Deus Magnus,
Bernard de Salier


Important OOC Information:



If you want to be in city government, this is the chance. The Burgermeister and City Tribunes act as judges and stewards, and are expected to lead the city council. If you own a house, you’re eligible to vote.

Voting will happen in-game on Friday, May 14th between 12AM and 11PM EST. Voters will be instructed how to vote on that day. Announce your candidacy on the thread below, or you will not be added to the list of candidates.



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In taking on the mantle of the local towncrier, an herbalist and master of incense, thin, balding and jaundiced, well known by the common men of Luciensburg as Terzieff Godefroy, thereby proclaims himself candidate to a seat in council. Rather than wet the quill and write in true decadent Imperial fashion, the proponent of mankind's olden ways makes known his cause by strong word and fiery heart alone.

"Hark, thee who take pride in Man's past, and ye who reside in memorial upon a land that coins itself after the legacy of saints from an age now scorned and forgotten by men! If you've a yearning for a return to times whereby Man was once respected and revered among the races, when God smiled, and his scripture was as a vengeful mandate upon the heathen, and when our hearts bled naught but pious faith and roses of white, I ask that ye consider my plea for a seat in council.


Many speeches are made, fair men, at every turn, whose vows we can all agree are never fulfilled; with reference to ends of aggression, betterments of welfare, and easings of commerce or procedure. And to this I say unto you, however many may not act on their belief, that my desires, both in speech and action, shall be to persevere in all that which I pledge, not only for the length of my term, but for so long as I live and breathe, and long indeed I assure will be the time for which I shall live and breathe!

I will ensure not only that we grow stronger by the day and show the men against whom we take up arms that the nation of Luciensburg will not bear its yoke without a fight, but also that the prosperity and affluence for us sons of Man may come at any cost, even were that cost to be the deprivation of the other races; for this city is indubitably sworn to the cause of Man, first and foremost, and above all else, and so shall I intend it to remain. I hereby hope, that for expressing my priorities outspokenly, to let no resentment on your part fall upon me on this account. And so too do I hereby swear, by our old traditions which fought and fell to the beasts of iniquity, and by the souls of our ancestors which gave Godlessness no quarter until their death, that I shall try and restore greatness and champion the long-smothered flame of Mankind in this here city as best as I humanely could. For God, for Luciensburg, and for the bygone and now-returned soul of Humanity which dwells within us all despite contemporary tragedy and inhuman decadence.


And so good people; I ask only that ye give heed to my plea, and it ye think over wisely."

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Leon Castile nods before standing up on the stage, “I am running as well.” He’d then step down from the stage and go to the tavern.

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Quentin Brae cries his candidacy in the town's square "Aye, I will be runnin; indeed as a means to represent and maintain those denizens of Luciensburg who are not men of the cloth, nor of the sword; but instead are the common folk who see the potential in this fair City, those who value the security, tradition, and the laissez-faire approach that this fair City has so dutifully mantled."


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“Hail and good day to all who have gathered here. My name is Ambrose Amell, and I wish to see you and our city-state prosper.


“As your burgomaster, I shall protect your property, your interests, and our faith — and I will see for your family’s success and well-being. This I have done for many years; first seeing to your health as your barber-surgeon, then as court physician to Lord Bernard and his council; and finally as your city tribune since Luciensburg’s construction, providing homes to many who stand among us.


“I shall now conclude for I could speak for much longer, but in these times of war against the nordlings and the monsters who roam our land, we need an experienced man who shall take action and not stand idly by without a true purpose.


“Ave Monte Lucianus! Ave Eugenius! Metina invicta!”

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