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The Art Circles of Hell | Yet more Art Bargains


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A depiction of the depths of the Art Circles of Hell and the growing populace.

[!] Yet another flyer would spread throughout all of Almaris, found behind an ear, strewn along the sidewalk or pinned to a rising gate.

"Hear ye, hear ye,

with the previous announcement coming to fruition,

it'd seem yet more Art Demons have come forth and offer bargains for Hapless Souls wishing to bargain.

Dare you make a deal in the depths of Art Hell?"

No signature would be found once more and attached to the end of the newly written flyer is examples of various Art Demons work!












So, this became a lotttt bigger then I expected in a little under two hours. Got people coming in offering art, skins, etc. And just becoming a thing overall, discord is made now, linked here https://discord.gg/tpvvg9NudG! Now accepting Blood Hounds as well, cause if anyone dares to harm our demons via any insult, they'll be destroyed :>


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Feed me.

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