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A new Lur Chief


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A Elder Goblin going by the Name of Al-Uk'Lur sits gently staring up at the palace gazing uppon the magnificent shrine of Krug.... small and short mutterings in old Blah leave the Elder entranced before suddenly his head snaps left right observing the area round him a low growl leaving his maw "Nub bruddaz ihn dah Goi.... nub Bruddahz ihn dah Klan! atroziouz! wehre ez dah waghgoff?" He questions wobbling through the city down within the halls of Lur again empty a trophy wall? no trophees visible no bounties of the hunt anywhere.... "Enuff.... Ef ziztah Yarrow'Lur haz gohne mizzin agh ohr Chieftainz nub du zkah mi zhall akt....." The Goblin writes up a missive ment towards the Orcish Nation of Krugmar pinning it up at the notice board within his countries territory... however its quite public and for all eyes to gaze uppon the missive reads both in Blah and Common "To Whom it may Concern.... I, Al-Uk'Lur Elder of Clan Lur refuse to longer see the suffering of my Clan continue we have fallen from greatness back into a deep pit of dispair and emptiness.... as no Wargoth nor Chieftain has chosen to stand up and drag us out i shall.... I will place myself uppon the pedistal of Wargoth of Clan Lur.... if any Lur not thinks me worthy im looking foreward to seeing Votar his judgement in the Arena..." The Goblin certainly didnt expect this to go challangeless he was fine with such a fact truly either hed lead his clan or someone else finally got the balls to stand up and do it


[!] The Public Missive is promptly signed



Elder of  Lur, Shaman.

Former Targoth, Former Snagagoth.




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