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A New Leader

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A New Leader




[!] A public letter spreads through the Fakhr Oasis and anywhere it may find itself


“Peace and blessing be upon the righteous, and fear and terror upon the Unjust, Those who give respect, we give threefold, Those who give honor, We give threefold, Those who give harm, we give nothing.


Bismillah Al-Rahman, Al-Raheem, In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

The Banu Hamad have long held a name of Honor, Bravery, Righteousness, and Martyrs for the Sake of Allah, In which we proudly act upon. Due to the long absence of Sheikh Saqr Al-Hamad, The Hamad have decided it shall appoint Utayr, son of the Shaheed Sheikh Amr Bin Jaber as the new sheikh of the Banu Hamad and if Saqr Al-Hamad returns, we welcome him in open arms, and give him the title of Sheikh Sabiq, and right of vote within The Banu Hamad Majlis.


With the new Sheikh, We return to our traditions and faith to Allah, in which we will right and wrongs we had made in the misguidance of Allah. The Hamad will no longer be Idle, and return its hands in the honor of our Shaheeds, Braves, Faith, And Tribe.


For The Sake of Allah

We Act


Signed by the following


Sheikh Utayr Bin Amr Al-Hamad


Ziyad Bin Utayr Al-Hamad


Saalih Bin Utayr Al-Hamad


Zaina Bint Utayr Al-Hamad


Murad Bin Amr Al-Hamad


Safar Bin Jaber Al-Hamad


Abu Himar Bin Jaber Al-Hamad


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“May Allah guide Utayr and help him and bring to him support from both his tribesman and from the most supreme, the most merciful. Verily Allah knows all intentions and bless those who do good inshallah!”

Rashid would say brushing his horse before saddle it up for patrol once more 

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"I know you'll do whats best for the Banu Hamad, Habibi." Zakiyah would say proudly. Proud to be married to this man, yes yes.

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